Seattle isn’t just a real estate startup hub

O’Reilly discusses research that suggests Seattle is fertile ground for startups, coming in behind San Francisco and Boston at number 3 based on a rough analysis of SimplyHired job postings. Downturn or not, the real estate market here is going to change if a couple more Amazons or Microsofts grow up in the Seattle area.

John Cook has more Seattle-centric observations and points to analysis by (New York-based) Fred Wilson, who claims that New York is number 3, based on an analysis of Conecticut-based Maybe Seattle would hit number 2 if the analysis used job listings from, a Seattle based startup.

By the way, for those who travel a lot, I have invites to my favorite Seattle-based startup, Farecast. Let me know if you want one.

2 thoughts on “Seattle isn’t just a real estate startup hub

  1. I was at the Techcrunch party and didn’t realize you needed an invite so when I got home (in Utah) I tried using Farecast for a trip I am taking in July and that’s when I realized that I obviously didn’t spend enough time at the booth learning about the process.

    Anyway, I would like an invite…

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