Do me a favor, Eric

I wrote this story for you, Eric.  Maybe it will give you a glimpse into what the real estate industry really is all about. 

Please read the story from beginning to end.  I have a lot of stories like this one Eric.  Too many. 

I know you have recently become a real estate agent from a previous career.  I know that you are “investor” oriented.  But a very, very large percentage of this business involves all too many stories like this one.   I have a skazillion of them.  I’ll tell you some more if it will help you, but I don’t really want to.  It still rips my heart out to remember these stories.  Most of them had happy endings, depending on how you view life.  Kind of bittersweet more than “happy” endings.

Yes, I get on my soapbox now and then, not often enough Eric.  Not nearly often enough.

We must be held to the highest standard of care, because sometimes we are the only ones standing there with the seller who can care with them.  Care with them when we are selling their house before having to face a foreclosure.  Care with them when they are selling their home to fly to the other Coast to be with their child who is dying of aids at age 36.  Care with them when they are selling their home because their husband ran off with a younger woman.  Care with them when they are selling their home because they can no longer get in a car and make it to their hair appointment without getting killed.

This is the real estate business I am in, Eric.  The one where people sell their homes out of necessity and need someone to be with them, not just “sell their house”.  I represent people, Eric.  I get on a soapbox from time to time to remind other agents that they also represent people for a living.  Maybe only a few will “get it”.  But that’s enough for me. 

Yes, blogging will change the industry…one agent at a time.  Some day many years from now you will remember this story I asked you to read when you are called upon to sell the home of a very elderly person going into a nursing home.  And you will do it a little differently, I hope, having read my story first.

If you read my story…we’ll call it even. And my offer still stands.  I’m here if you ever need help or advice.  But you may have to bring me flowers and chocolates next time 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Do me a favor, Eric

  1. Eric,

    You have not been through a “buyer’s market” where every seller is selling out of necessity because it is a bad time to sell. Only the people who HAVE to sell will sell in a bad market.

    A lot of this country is there right now, Eric. You can be an ambulance chaser…or you can be an ambulance. Your choice.

  2. Hey Ardell:

    I just ran across this, a ‘related post’ to Reba’s recent septic system related post. First off, strange link relevance. Second, I have no recollection as to what you were (rightfully so, to be sure) chastising me about? Do you remember?

    So long ago….


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