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Two entirely unrelated shorts today:

We used to have a lot more screaming readers at RCG, but like any good troll, they became bored and moved on. It’s really too bad, because my new favorite do-right-by-your-users-blog tells me that screaming users are good.

Over at AHI, there is a good write up (read: I agree with it) on rent control. If New York wants to benefit all of the poor and not just those who were lucky enough to find and stay in a rent controlled apartment, they should give rent subsidies or a form of the earned income tax credit to those earning under a specific income (New York is expensive – $80,000 a year?).

14 thoughts on “Screaming rent controllers

  1. Word on the Street in Manhattan, is that many condo owners are selling in anticipation of a market decline, and renting instead. This is pushing up the cost of renting and diminishing the supply of rentals. One of my clients just returned from securing a rental in NYC just last night…so this is very current and real data.

  2. I have plenty of passionate commenters, and I’d be more than happy to send them your way. :^) However, last time I did that, people around here didn’t seem to really appreciate it.

    Certainly if you’re trying to tick people off, that picture’s caption is a good way to start. Unfortunately, you don’t really score any points for originality. “Bitter renter” has become somewhat overused.

  3. The Tim, I’m not trying to tick people off – especially renters. I’ve linked to your blog in the past (and not in a “you’re crazy” way). I’m glad to hear you continue to have passionate readers.

    If you read the second article, it describes protests by renters in New York. This is not a pro- or anti- bubble post, nor is it a pro- or anti- renter post!

    Ardell, my friends in New York describe a place with razor thin vacancy rates and mad dashes for any decent open place. I’m glad I don’t live there.

  4. Well in that case, I apologize for taking the picture wrong. Hopefully you can see how your intended meaning might be a bit confusing. As far as reading the second article though, I have to admit that I only see one link.

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