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[photopress:sng.jpg,thumb,alignright]The book shown on the right is my favorite.  Not meant as a “tourist” guide, this Newcomer’s guide has long been my best recommendation for people relocating the the Seattle Area.

So chock full of good info, that even long term residents who take the time to read it, learn a thing or two.

Alki – voted by me as the best place to go to watch the sunset on the longest day of the year.

Belltown – Locals would say Ballard, more “Newcomers” start out in Belltown or Bellevue

Capitol Hill – My favorite place to hang out, while the girls are shopping for that unique item

Denny Blaine to Downtown

Eastside – Seattle’s version of “the burbs”

Fremont the “center of the universe”? or a Ferry Ride, hard to pick which should take this F spot.

Green Lake, where I first landed, to Golden Gardens Park, a spot too often overlooked.

Houghton – Home of Sarducci’s my favorite Seattle Sandwich and Calzone shop.  A must mention –  the Huskies

International District – More than just a “Chinatown”.  Is Maneki still there?

Juanita – Not too many places are named after a poplular song of the day

Kirkland – Home to ARDELL 🙂 My kind of town.

Lake WashingtonThe Lake that defines so many of Seattle Area Neighborhoods.  To me it is the crown jewel of Seattle. I think being able to take a cruise to a Husky Football game, is one of the coolest things about Seattle!

Mercer Island – For non-residents, going over Mercer Island is the next best thing to living there.

Northgate Mall – Seattle prides itself on being a non-mall kind of town…Northgate’s about the only “true” mall IN Seatle.

Oympic National Park – Many Seattle neighborhoods enjoy an Olympic Montain View, but a two hour trip to the park itself, beats the daily peek of the mountains from here.

Pike Place Market – The Main Event

Queen Anne, or course!

Rainier! – I sight for sore eyes, that causes me to bless myself and pay homage to “the maker”, on the days it chooses to “appear”

Seattle Center – You can’t see it all in a day! but DO do one from The Duck.

The SeahawksThe Sonics The Mariners The Storm


Vashon Island Getaway

Whidby – another Island Getaway

X-Gym – OK…YOU find another X 🙂

Yulefest – Just a few days away!

Z – oops, had to drop the link to the Z Club

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12 thoughts on “Our Town A to Z

  1. Ardell

    I don’t know if you remember me, but I wrote about moving to Seattle a couple months ago. I think that was a couple months ago. Thanks for all the nice info. Some of my friends are trying to talk me out of going and one of their reasons is that they think I won’t beable to handle all the dreary days. Is it really that depressing? Also, I wanted to know your thoughts on the best sites to search for jobs and apartment rentals. A certain newspaper that runs there that I can look up? I still wouldn’t be moving until April, I just like to see what’s out there. Thanks.


  2. Hi Devan,

    Yes, I recognized your name when it popped into my email. SeattleTimes.com classified.

    Can’t sugar coat the weather though. But if you come in April, you have time to get acclimated to the area before November hits. We had record rain this November. Just “get a life” while the sun’s shining so you have someone to spend the gloomier days with 🙂

    Nice to hear from you.

  3. Do you remember saying you could possibly teach me minimal skills in the picture taking scene for agents when I came there? I was wondering if that offer was still open if I did happen to show up. No pressure, just thought I would ask. It’s getting closer to the time of departure and time for me to start getting things set up and whatnot. I think I need to wait a bit before actually applying to places since it still is three months away.


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