Blog Articles on Zillow's New Upgrade

While Zillow is choking over there on the side trying to digest my listing info, here are some links to everyone I can find who is talking about tonight’s big news on

I threw in a couple of recent articles, posted just before tonight’s big news, that I found to be of interest. I will come back later and keep editing this post to include all articles posted until everyone is talked out.

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20 thoughts on “Blog Articles on Zillow's New Upgrade

  1. Tucked you in there Stefan. Thanks for the heads up.

    Great blog you have going over there BTW Ran into it last week and I was pleasantly surprised…but then you’ve always been the “class act” of the EBAs. Kudos and props.

  2. Zillow Blog caught up with us. They’re in there.

    I know Jon’s from Property Monger is not about Zillow, but when I was checking around and saw that post I cracked up, so I threw it in for comic relief purposes.

  3. Ardell,

    LOL — I really do need a new picture; that one is a bit stuffy. Oh well.

    I might have been late to the party, but that was a conscious decision…I wanted to think through this new product release on my own before reading what others had to say.

  4. OK,

    I waited up to get Marlow’s post in there…but I’m off to bed now.


    I saw the product in advance and had the embargoed press release, so don’t feel bad about needing to think first. Some of us had a head start. I called Dustin before posting though, courtesy to the “host”, so Greg Swan beat me to the punch…again 🙂

  5. Kris Berg woke up to find “God-Zillow” in her bed 🙂

    Todd, Jim and the East Coast is catching up.

    One of those Active Rain Blogs was quite interesting. Something about how “we agents” should “get together” to VOTE yay or nay, before running to the computers to post our listings. Seems she thinks as long as Zillow is a non-Realtor, that is OK per anti trust laws LOL. Someone needs a quick class on anti-trust violatons.

    I’m just posting them all here at this point. I’ll pick a few favorites when the dust settles.

  6. OK! I’m burnt on this never ending linking mode! It could last a week! I’ve got work to do…so someone take up the baton where I left off. Jon? Oh, that’s right. He’s still fried from the Carnival. Greg?

    If anyone notices any broken links or duplicates, let me know and I’ll make the corrections. But that’s it for me for now.

    Once you have Barb Corcoran talking about Rich Barton’s “impossibly smart suit” being the key evaulation point for Zillow…I think you’ve linked enough, thank you very much! LOL

  7. I guess as this was breaking yesterday I was in a Directors meeting at our new regional MLS. I was stating that customers were emailing me about our change on that excluded the address of the listing and were complaining about it and I thought that we needed to change the policy. Didn’t happen.

    I then was holding in my hand an agreement from Google Base for all to look at that we could negotiate for them to carry our data and try some sort of a pilot program with them, but no one wanted to see the agreement.

    Of course then I added in that we must be careful in this new reality that some outside company could end up really challenging the MLS for viability.

    Then this morning I realized that already truly happened when Zillow made the change. I emailed the Board this morning and sent a link. Only heard back from one other member so far.

    I love being in leadership and all, but I don’t want to go down with the ship. I want to fix the holes in the hull and keep sailing along.

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