Heebie, Jeebie, Meemies

[photopress:meme.jpg,thumb,alignright]When the Power Came Back on, I found that I had been Memed – as in Tag You’re It, by the Blogosphere during my brief hiatus from the Cyberworld. 

Basically it is a challenge to “come clean” about five things people may not know about you.  Given I’ve been blabbering the bloody Blogosphere with thousands and thousands of words this year, it’s hard to believe there ISN’T something I haven’t shared, but I gave it my best shot.  I purposely mis-spelled meme on my blog, so the podcast would say it right.  Now if I could just train “robot-girl” to say AR-DELL instead of Ardle. 

I’m supposed to Meme five other people.  I was going to Meme CJ and Derek, but they jumped the gun and memed themselves.  So I will point all roads back to here, breaking the chain, and ask that:

DUSTIN, GALEN, ROBBIE, RUSS and CRAIG write a post here on Rain City Guide, revealing five things we may not know about them.  I further ask that they NOT Meme 5 other people.  It would be nice if they could do that today or tomorrow, before the Yankee Blog Swap on Tuesday, so that we can stop this tiny tangent of “the meme craze” before the next Blogging-Event begins.

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14 thoughts on “Heebie, Jeebie, Meemies

  1. Sorry that we jumped the gun, but being rather new to the blogging scene, I figured no one would tag me and I wanted to play along so…. I was actually thinking of tagging you myself but the whole thing has gotten so big it was getting a bit hard to see who all had already been tagged by others, so I just choose not to tag anyone at all. After all, it seemed like all the blogs that I read, the authors had already gotten tagged so..

  2. Pretty much… Seems like very girl I date end up being a nurse and named Amanda. I think my mom is trying to set me up with a girl name Amy now however, she too is a nurse so go figure.

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