Appreciate those behind the scenes

I would like to send a gentle reminder to those in the real estate business to make time to recognize and express appreciation for those people that work tirelessly behind the scenes– the staff who are working to provide great service to our mutual clients and reduce problem transactions.
I’m talking about allied real estate professional back-office-worker-bees who are frequently overwhelmed, overworked, commonly under appreciated and who stay very late after hours to make things happen while providing great customer service.

Please recognize: title officers/units and support staff, loan processors, funders, and especially escrow LPO’s and support staff. These folks and many others really make it easier for the agents and their clients wherever they work all across the country. They deserve your acknowledgement and thanks!
Happy Holidays!

2 thoughts on “Appreciate those behind the scenes

  1. I already invited you guys via Lynlee to the After Party. A formal one will come in the mail. Have the basement set up for the kids to watch movies, so bring them. If there is anyone else there “we should thank”, feel free to bring them too!!

    I do the food…you bring what you and yours drink! Capish?

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