Our 100 Year Old Seller Closes Escrow Today

[photopress:tudor.jpg,thumb,alignright]Some of you will remember this photo from Halloween when I was trying to do a “night shot” and it came out a bit “spooky” with the moon glowing ominously in the background.  I know Galen will.  Now that I know you are a photographer at gallery level quality, Galen, I’ll be listening more closely when you tell me what to do.  Not my forte…as you well know 🙂

There’s a first time for everything, as they say, and this was my first ever experience with a 100 year old client.  Even back in my Trust and Estate days when many of my clients were deceased, and the living ones were pretty old, I never had a 100 year old client before now.

The house was also so old, no one knew how old it was!  It was built before 1900 when King County started keeping records.  Title Company figured it was built some time between 1888 and 1900, so we know this owner was not the original owner, he was too young at only 100 years old 🙂  I’m sure he just loves being too young for something.

The lovely story of this real estate relationship, is really about his daughters, and specifically the one who had the responsibility of P/A for the sale.  In between going all the way across the ferry to take Dad to the doctor, and back to take her husband and his oxygen to his doctor and with her most everywhere, and the sister that fell off her patio while gardening in Denny Blaine to the doctor with her walker…  Holding communion services at her home, for the invalid…  We prayed and held our breath on this one to the very end…which is today.

The buyers are very, very happy to have this lovely grand old home, and are trying to get more info on exactly when this house was really built.  So if anyone knows where we might find more research about homes in the Mt. Baker/Leschi area, that were built prior to 1900, please give us a heads up.

It’s a good day…and all’s well that ends well.


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