Appalling Statistics

Recentlyk Reba Haas wrote a post about theft of copper from new construction sites.

Today the NWMLS reports that this theft is still on the rise. Here are the appalling statistics.

The thefts since January 1st have occurred in the following areas:

  • Area 54 – Tacoma area – 1 theft reported
  • Area 72 – Edgewood area – 1 theft reported
  • Area 100 – Auburn area – 1 theft reported
  • Area 140 – West Seattle area – 1 theft reported
  • Area 500 – Newcastle and Newport Hills area – 7 thefts reported
  • Area 550 – Union Hill area – 1 theft reported
  • Area 760 – Darrington area – 1 theft reported
  • Area 730 – Meadowdale area – 1 theft reported

[photopress:snarling_dog.jpg,full,alignright]Appliances, staging furniture, copper are being stolen, by apparently opening the nwmls keybox without a keypad, since the use of a keypad would be recorded.

What do we do next? Iron gates and patrol dogs?

6 thoughts on “Appalling Statistics

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  2. 08/17/07- My husband is rehabbing a house in Burien and some copper plumbing was stolen from the back yard. Poor guy was more annoyed that he had to go to the store in the middle of his project.

  3. Just watch out you don’t lose your appliances once they are installed. We lost 4 full sets out of a 5 unit under construction in Rainier Valley. Had to install a live in manager until they got sold. Yuck!

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