New seminar in Los Angeles this week…

Last time I ran a seminar with Russ Cofano, I mentioned that I was considering creating a new seminar by slightly adjusting the topic… Instead of the seminar being “all about blogging”, or a “bloginar”, I really wanted to focus on the bringing an understanding to how online technologies are radically changing the industry and how agents can not only adapt, but thrive in this new environment.

After a few conversations about this idea with Errol Samuelson of Top Producer, he also showed a huge amount of excitement in the idea and offered to organize, promote and sponsor the entire thing. The result is that this next Tuesday and Wednesday I’ll be giving the new presentation (50% how the competition is changing the industry, 50% how agents can use online technologies to build up their online brand) in Los Angeles. We have tentative dates set for the end of the month in both Oakland and Seattle (to be announced soon) and assuming the seminars are well received, there’s no reason I couldn’t travel around the entire country giving advice to agents on how to enhance their existing business with social networking technologies.

If you are in the LA area, then consider visiting the seminar website to sign up (or the blog I created for the seminar). The event has already been picked up by both Greg and Brian, and from the comments on both sites, it looks like there should be more than a few people from ActiveRain and the in attendance! 🙂

Hope to see you there!

10 thoughts on “New seminar in Los Angeles this week…

  1. Hi Dustin,

    Couple of questions about your Seattle seminar.

    1) in your post it sounds like the seminar will be more than just a
    blogging seminar, but in the click through seminar description, it
    sounds like….a seminar on blogging.

    What is the audience going to be doing? Taking notes, bringing their
    laptops and blogging?…..?

    2) free……so, at the end of the seminar, is there going to be a
    sales pitch for top producer products?

    3) You would get a whole lot more folks coming here in Seattle if you
    had clock hours attached to the seminar. Let me know if you want my
    help here.

    If I am not otherwise contracted for the Seattle day, I will definitely make every attempt to be there. I’m a teacher which means
    I’m also ALWAYS a student, always wanting to learn more!

  2. Great questions Jillayne,

    Here’s the quick answers…

    1) I’m a huge believer in the power of blogging and I hope at least some of the people in attendance would walk away thinking… I need (and can!) start blogging today! However, I also try to hit up on a lot of other issues around how the online real estate landscape is changing, so it is not just a “blog” seminar.

    2) There is a five-minute spill from a Top Producer sales guy on the Market Snapshot in the middle of the presentation (right before the break). I’ll also talk about some Top Producer products as they are relevant to the discussion. But the reality is that I spend a lot more time talking about competitor products throughout the presentation. There is definitely a sales pitch in the mix (as in Top Producer sells a website product that includes a free blog), but it is a pretty soft-sell as I’m not so much selling a product as I am a concept of getting involved online.

    3) Russ and I had clock hours for our “bloginars” in WA and I’m right with you that this simple fact attracted a ton more agent interest. I was up in Vancouver BC on Friday (Top Producer is based there) and mentioned the benefits of getting certified as an educator to the guys there and they got quite excited. I’m pretty sure that if we get a good reception for the seminars, that they will systematically go through each state to see where we can get it approved for clock hours!

    I’ll definitely let the RCG community know well in advance if we do decide to come to Seattle!

  3. I can’t make it down to LA this week, but would love to attend a Seattle or Oakland event. Please make sure to keep us posted on those dates.

  4. Dustin,

    The seminar was terrific! I know a lot of [Active] Rainers felt the same. The information you presented was very educational and mind-opening. Certainly it illuminated a part of the web world most agents tiptoe around!


  5. We had somewhere from 70 to 100 people at each seminar.

    My guess is that most of them were somewhat familiar with the internet (i.e. they had a website), but hadn’t really put a lot of emphasis on promoting their site. It was really hard to judge the level of the crowd, although even people like Brain Brady, who has been blogging for a while, says he was able to get a lot out of it! 🙂

    So far, the feedback has been phenomenal and I just confirmed that we added two more dates. I’ll be in Oakland on Feb 20th and Seattle on the 21st. More details to come soon!

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