Calling All Patches Pals

Tomorrow is a VERY BIG DAY for all Patches Pals.   If you grew up in the Seattle area, you must know JP Patches, the one and only Mayor of the City Dump.   Beginning at 10:00 a.m. at the Red Door Ale House in Fremont, JP and friends (including Gertrude) will be present for the unveiling of the scale model of the statue that will be built to honor this local treasure.   Last year, JP was featured in an article in the Seattle Times about why this clown deserves such recognition.

Yes.  I’m a bona fide Patches Pal.  We actually had JP hired to perform our marriage ceremony at our home last April 1, 2006.   But when our small wedding began to to turn into a circus, pun intended, we decided to elope…so no JP nuptials.

A few fellow Patches Pals at the Northwest Academy of Television Arts and Science have been raising money to build this statue.  At tomorrows event, you will have the opportunity to purchase “Patches Pavers” that will surround the statue by dropping your donation into the ICU2TV.   Any moneys raised beyond the building of the statue will be donated to Childrens Hospital.  

I wouldn’t miss this for the world…I hope to see you there!

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  2. I just ran (literally, I was the one with the Chow Lab Mix… OSH) by the Red Door and saw all the huge crowd… but I didn’t see you Rhonda… maybe because we haven’t met yet 🙂

    My brother grew up with JP and I can kind of remember him… LONG LIVE JP!

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