Shooting Hoop in the U-Dist with Izzle pfaff

RCG starts up Metroblogging’s Blarch Badness event in head-to-head competition with Izzle pfaff!

Our dribbling is ugly! Our shooting is worse? I crumble in public… Can we compete?

Vote here!

10 thoughts on “Shooting Hoop in the U-Dist with Izzle pfaff

  1. Dustin:

    That dude is hilarious; you got a tough first round draw. The RCG crew is going to have to play the “perfect game” to win this and hope he comes in as overconfident.

    It’s not impossible! You guys are very talented and I’m pulling for the CoffeeBeanTownPropertyBlog

  2. We’re making REALLY good progress… We were at 13% to 87% this morning when I wrote the post and we’re now up to 43% and gaining! Keep voting everyone and we may make it to the second round!

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