The Escrow Files: the funny side of escrow


While in Leavenworth, Wa. recently, Lynlee and I stumbled upon a variety shop in town with a wall of extremely funny quotes on mugs and urns like this. Had to buy it!

The things you hear out in the field can be very funny. Today, while waiting at a real estate office, I overheard probably the funniest conversation yet:

“…..I thought they just paid the water bills and stuff like that?” (referring to escrow)

It reminded me of a comment by my mother-in-law (sorry Lynlee, I do love your mom, but sometimes…) talking about her neighbor who is a retired Firefighter for the City of Seattle:

“oh, I think all he did was just turn the water on.”

Wherever you close your transactions, life is good in the escrow business!

Rhonda Porter, memories?

4 thoughts on “The Escrow Files: the funny side of escrow

  1. My most unusual escrow memory (it’s been 7 years…isn’t that a lifetime ago?) was when I was signing one of my Realtor’s clients who was in the witness protection program. They had the WORST disguises…a mustache sliding down his face…you get the picture! I can’t imagine what they did or who they were hiding from…but they were VERY nervous. Always looking over their shoulder. It was enough to make me wonder if someone was going to burst into our office!

    Something else…which I still have to this day (now that have me thinking…). My son, he had to be around 5 or 6, had said “butt face” at school. He had to write on this large piece of butcher paper over and over again “I will not say butt face”. The writing is hysterical (starts large and gets smaller and smaller in red crayon).
    I wound up posting that on the back of my office door (no signings or consumers were ever in my office, just co-workers) and once or twice, we would past a face of an especially nasty client on the “butt face” paper. This would usually take place if we were doing a signing for someone who was just off the charts rude to the Escrow Officers when their anger should have been directed elsewhere.

    When I first started at Safeco Title back in May of 1986 (am I dating myself?) …I was finally PROMOTED to receptionist (I was doc. puller to start with). I remember writing a list of questions for management so I could understand what people were calling in about. One was, “What is Escrow?” His answer, “It’s what happens at the end of the transaction and if someone is mad, they take it out on you…even though it is not your fault.”

    I am thankful for the time I served in the title and escrow industry!

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