Email Overload – 50,0000 emails

[photopress:images_1_2_3_4_5_6.jpg,full,alignright] I’ve done some simple math calculations and it seems that I have a minimum of 30,000 incoming and outgoing business emails in a year’s time. That’s just me personally, and not my partner or anyone else. That is business only and not including JunkMail or emailed property flyers or ads from Title Companies for Clock Hour classes, so I’m adding 20,000 for the crap to the 30,000 known to be business.

Big file emails, like Rhonda’s done in html, can be very short, like “Hi!”, and yet be large file size.

Sometimes short emails have a huge conversation string attached, and those can get pretty big too, even though the current message is “OK”.

Just adding this info to the now long “Disk Space” comment thread. I don’t imagine Gmail to be a good option for that much email. But I could be wrong. There must be different answers for a 50,000 email a year person, than a 5,000 email person…no? So thought this estimate of email usage might be helpful. This also does not count the emails I send directly from the mls with property links. Just those using my Outlook for email on the laptop.

Thank you for all of your suggestions so far. No “low disk space” warnings today! YAY!!

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30 thoughts on “Email Overload – 50,0000 emails

  1. Ardell, I have over 10,000 unique “conversations” in gmail, each of which is between 1 and 50 emails (lots of back and forth on some). I still have 60% of my space left. I would also wager that over 50% of that space is from under 200 picture and music emails that I’ve sent.

  2. Rhonda, 3 KB becomes 105 KB. I normally wouldn’t notice, but I’m tesing “space” issues. I cut and paste your message into a plain text email and send it to myself and it was 3 KB. With the graphics it is 105 KB.

    You’ll have to “ask the experts” who are commenting whether or not that is reasonable. If you are havig a conversation with someone by email with ten emails back and forth in a day…is 10 times 105 for a ten word message each time too much. I haven’t a clue. I’ll have to test mine with my html signature.

    Are we clogging up someone’s email space with photo signature emails? I don’t have a photo on mine, but my signature is html.

    Advice anyone? Comments? Does it matter?

    I know I get ticked off by a monster file that is junkmail sometimes.

  3. HTML is considered a curse by many. It leaves you open to worm/virus exploits — especially when coupled with Outlook. Email sizes — as you’ve seen — are bloated exponentially.

    And where is the value? To see a logo? I’m big on branding, but that stops when serious business needs to be transacted.

    And think how much faster your email will download, when it’s 30x smaller. If this saves you 1 second per email, then using Ardell’s figures for business-only emails you get 30000 seconds in a year. Over 8 hours….. !

  4. Gmail is the best solution for that many emails. I tried my best not to leave Eudora back in the day but when I switched to Gmail it was the best move. Their whole “search dont sort” theory works. Their conversations feature is sweet too as it will pull emails from everywhere and keep them together when an email arrives as part of the same thread. I love it.

  5. Is there a “push” solution for gmail? I, like many others, am in the field all day long and have been reluctant to switch from an exchange solution to gmail because of the perceived lack of “push” technology.

    Thoughts? And please don’t suggest a crack-berry. I like my current devices (treo and dash depending what mood I am in)

  6. Even though I’m only a 1500 email per-year person I’d have to agree with galen.

    Gmail is the best solution for handling email of all types, including large attachments and easy to follow threads.

    Plus, you can get to your gmail account just about anywhere!

  7. Jeremy,

    I’m not sure if I know what you mean by “push” technology for gmail, but Google does offer a free download program for phones. It definitely works for a crackberry (what I use), but I’m pretty sure they have a version for a treo…

    It has most of the basic phone features with only one missing feature that can be frustrating. The mobile version of gmail doesn’t allow you to “save drafts” or even read “drafts” of previous emails. Otherwise, I’ve been using the Mobile Gmail for probably 6 months and have found it to be quite functional.

  8. Thanks Dustin.

    What I meant by “push” (or Direct Push) is that I don’t have to 1) hit send and receive (or the Gmail refresh button every time I want to download mail or 2) schedule my phone to check for mail every 15 minutes. Ideally it would act like my Exchange solution does and send email to my phone real-time. I actually get the email on my phone now before it hits my Outlook inbox.

  9. Rhonda,

    I get full graphic html emails from other people all the time that aren’t large files sizes. Maybe you need a techie to create the photo email without it turning into 105 KB.

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