Belltown-Denny Regrade (or things we couldn't do today)

If you’ve ever wondered what Seattle looked like right at the beginning, there’s a great short history of Seattle’s Belltown-Denny Regrade at The article describes the massive earth moving project, the resulting fill project, and the city’s first of dozens of voted down mass transit projects (this one in 1912). Check out the original plans for the civic center – amazing!

Mercer Island would have made a beautiful park.

One thought on “Belltown-Denny Regrade (or things we couldn't do today)

  1. Hey Galen,

    Thanks for the local history link! I didn’t know there was that much drama associated with the Denny Hill re-grade; especially flattening the hill, but leaving the houses on blocking that wouldn’t sell. I think you’re right…we wouldn’t/couldn’t get this done today.

    ~Joe Lawyer~

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