What a week!

First Zillow releases a new version of their web site.

Then Microsoft releases a new Virtual Earth (VE 3D in Firefox).

Then the a new Beta of Realtor.com is released.

Galen releases new ShackPrices features.

Ardell is using her Verizon EVDO card in Vegas, probably while playing the slots and sipping drinks with umbrellas in them.

Then I discover, Redfin is merging with Move and they also just sold a home in neighborhood!

I’m feeling WAY behind the tech curve today.  I’m going curl up into a ball and read my RSS feeds in a corner now…. 😉

12 thoughts on “What a week!

  1. Joe,

    Sometimes technology moves too fast for us in the fast lane…


    I did – Although the fact it was an April Fools joke doesn’t make it any less interesting… 🙂 Too bad the post seems to have been deleted.

  2. Realtor.com’s new beta has actually been up for about two weeks now. Seems they just didn’t tell anyone about it at first…

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