Best phone for Realtors just got cheaper

In case you missed it, the iPhone is $400. You can read Rain City Guide from anywhere with it, which is really what it takes to be a great Realtor, right?

18 thoughts on “Best phone for Realtors just got cheaper

  1. What are the pros and cons of this vs (let’s say) a treo or a blackberry which have the capability to unlock key boxes in WA as well as get you real time data on what buyers agents have showed the homes where you are representing the sellers?

  2. I agree with Jeremy – if it can’t open Supra iBoxes and download listings via the Supra system, then it’s not a “Realtor phone”.

    Although the iPhone can obviously access the internet for MLS data, that’s way too cumbersome with the new requirements for the SafeMLS token for a second level of password access. Much easier to use the downloaded Supra data.

    Not to mention that it’s only available through AT&T at the moment…

  3. Not a realtor phone as far as I am concerned if you can’t open doors and access the MLS. Without that, it’s more in the category of “fun toy.”

    Wouldn’t mind having one, though. My Treo is about to give up the ghost!

  4. The iPhone is a GREAT phone but is it a “Realtor” phone? It does allow you to access much of the web including this blog. It allows me to access Brio Realty’s ActiveRain lead capture data but does not allow the use of “forms” and a few other features. My biggest complaint is that you cannot access the MLS because it does not use Internet Explorer – instead uses Safari which is good but not for the MLS. When the MLS learns there is more than Microsoft out there and writes the software to be used by other browsers then the iPhone will be a “Realtor” phone.

  5. So far the biggest advantage is that I can text message in a professional manner with caps and punctuation included, easily and without keyboard add ons. It greatly expanded the times when I can text message on the spot, and the use of text messaging generally as a viable communication option.

  6. I’m with Ed, until our MLS is available on all platforms, it’s not for us. I had to take mine back. I guess the good news is I just saved $200.

  7. What software for realtors is available to download to your cell phone? I am new to the profession and want to be equal to or one up on the competition. Thanks.

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