Perspectives: Is this a former loan officer or a customer of a LO/subprime lender?

Evidently, this is circulating in e-mails everywhere. Depending upon your perspective it could be funny or not so funny. On the one hand it could be a former employee of a defunct sub-prime lender or it could be a customer with a toxic loan. Either way this evokes a lot of different views.


6 thoughts on “Perspectives: Is this a former loan officer or a customer of a LO/subprime lender?

  1. Wow. A very descriptive symbolism of what has happened to many in our industry,
    But I also realized that ‘market effects’ contributes, at most, 30% to our production (real estate people). Meaning, whatever state the market is, the buck is still in our plate.
    The question I should be asking myself is..
    Will I remain steadfastly committed to my business or am i just going to choose the easy route?

    Sometimes it can get downright ‘frightening’ fighting it out in our business. I do. I am.

    But as Frost beautifully puts it,” The woods look lovely dark and deep. But I have promises to keep. And miles to go before I sleep. And miles before i go to sleep.”

  2. I might need to borrow this picture for a future post. I recently had a “former subprime lender” contact me wanting help with how to develop a “good business plan”. He worked in a large call center and did not realize how harmful the mortgages he was pushing to home owners who answered his call were.

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