In good company…

Over the past two years, the team over at Inman has done a particularly good job reaching out to the real estate blogging community ( for short), and their latest article listing the top 25 most influential real estate bloggers was not only a great outreach tool, but particularly flattering of the Rain City Guide team.

If I had to hazard a guess as to why RCG was so well represented, two ideas come to mind… One is the good fortune we’ve had to bring on a group of engaging (and downright fun!) contributors and two, we’ve had awesome source material with interesting start-ups and a great local blogging community that goes beyond RCG contributors. Inman recognized as much by not only including Ardell and myself in the list, but also including a slew of Seattle bloggers including Marlow Harris, John Cook, David Gibbons and Glenn Kelman. All great people who have engaged and improved the RCG community over the past two and half years!

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20 thoughts on “In good company…

  1. Congratulations Dustin and Ardell!

    Again, overall lots of NW people on the list, and congratulations to all top 25!

    Nice link to Kris Berg’s (The Honor is all Mine) post about it, very funny! 🙂 She’s from the SW, so that would put her at a disadvantage!

  2. >She’s from the SW, so that would put her at a disadvantage!

    So that’s it! I’m moving!

    Anyone know a good agent in Seattle? 🙂

    (Thanks for the mention, Dustin).

  3. Congrats to Dustin and ARDELL, both most worthy additions to the list!!

    “She’s from the SW, so that would put her at a disadvantage!”

    Carefull there Deborah, there’s a slew of fine bloggers down here too. 🙂

    Lani’s got a great post about #26 at

  4. Dustin – Congratulations…you guys really deserve the honor and you do have a great team here. I personally have learned tons from Ardell and she is up on a pedestal in my book.

  5. Now that I have been blogging for 4 months now, I know how tedious, and time consuming blogging could be but ultimately rewarding.
    I know it did not come easy. Good job you guys

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