Seattle Neighborhood Roundup…. It's beginning to look a bit like….

Over on  Beach Drive Blog in West Seattle, help is wanted to find homes decked out in Christmas Lights.   The Paper Noose and the Holiday Artwalk in Georgetown.

Mid Beacon Hill the insiders POV of Beacon Hill , and Cosmo Seattle on Downtown Seattle citizens for parks.

Broadway Seattle on Capitol Hill is a Walker’s Paradise, and walkability in Issaquah Highlands.

 Capitol Hill  on new Public Art on Capitol Hill, and an afternoon moon in Kirkland 52.

Captain Columbia City, keeping an eye on seismic activity in Seattle neighborhoods.  Leaves + drains = problems and how neighbors can partner up with the city to remove problems at Miller Park Neighborhood Association     

 Kirkland Weblog and enjoying a fine dinner at favorite place, and a sweet spot in Issaquah Undressed .

West Seattle Blog – the annual Christmas lights are up on Beach Dr’s best home display.  Lastly, where to find the snowiest place on Capitol Hill Seattle, you might want to know if the weatherman is right and we get snow this weekend! 

22 thoughts on “Seattle Neighborhood Roundup…. It's beginning to look a bit like….

  1. Hi Yawning,

    Not everything is about drama and tempests.

    Life goes on and so too does, real estate, neighborhoods, blogs, etc. Eventually even the mortgage problems will stabilize, but there is always professional boxing or whatever else gets your blood pressure up!

  2. Frank is honored.

    That is Pia Mess on the left and Rettig to Rumble on the right…

    Thanks for the nice words! And YES…. you should all come out and enjoy rollerderby!

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