Snowing in Seattle

Seems hard to believe that just last week it was sunny and bright with not the faintest hope of snow.  One of my Thanksgiving houseguests from California was hoping to see snow falling, something he has never seen in his life.

I snapped a couple of shots for Mike to show that his prayers were answered.  Just a week or so late.


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22 thoughts on “Snowing in Seattle

  1. Because it snows so infrequently and doesn’t stay long, it dates the photos if the house is on market for awhile. As long as you switch out the photos a week or so after it snows, no harm done.

  2. It was beautiful snowing today.

    I was out shopping at Univeristy Village with a friend to get ornaments this afternoon. Walking around with all the Christmas lights, decorations, shoppers and the fluffy flakes swirling around was a wonderful experience.

    Tomorrow the snow will be gone… and back to business as usual!

  3. I was down at Seattle Center with my boy, who got to experience his first snowfall. When it first began, we were near the International Fountain, which was on, and it looked from our vantage as if the fountain were producing the flakes!

    Growing up in Buffalo, snow was the essence of care-free childhood, playing for hours in the fluffy white stuff.

    It lightens the heart.

  4. What a wonderful time you must have had Biliruben, playing in the snow both with your son today and as a child in Buffalo. How cool the effect of the snow and fountain must have been!

    You are right, the snow really does lighten the heart, I was smiling all day and kept on exclaiming “oh how beautiful!”

  5. I’m afraid this storm is proof that God hates real estate agents! I can’t imagine a worst time for snow to start than noon on a Saturday.

    The first sentence is tongue in cheek, but the second sentence is serious. When you’re driving clients around to look at houses, you are responsible for them. And I’m not just talking legally, like say if you get in an accident and they get injured. I’m talking beyond that. You can’t just say: “Well, it’s starting to snow and I probably can’t get you home, but I’m going to drop you off at Denny’s so that I can get home myself.”

    And that’s the problem with starting the snow on noon on a Saturday. Snow isn’t that bad to drive in, but the worst time to drive in it is when it first starts falling! Perfectly passable roads come to a standstill. Roads that are not so passable become impassable as some cars become stranded. The worst time to be out in it is at the beginning. And Saturday afternoon is probably the most common time for an agent to be showing clients property. Really bad timing on this storm!

    But hey, if you’re home, and you can see some trees and/or a field, it’s beautiful! And there’s always the next day.

  6. Our snow is gone in Kirkland. It’s raining. Heading over to Green Lake later. My guess is the snow has turned to rain there as well.

    The sellers of the house I sold in Edmonds are feverishly trying to get fully out as the buyers are trying to get in by this afternoon. The snow has created a bit of an obstacle for those moving this weekend.

  7. I had an owner in Edmonds moving out this weekend too. Fortunately the snow only seemed to delay them a couple of hours–they were to be out by Noon.

    Moving is very stressful. I can’t imaging doing it and then seeing flakes start of fall!

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