Four plus inches of rain

It was a wet day yesterday, what with landslides and 4+ inches of rain (7+ near Bremerton). Four inches is a little over 11% of Seattle’s annual 36 inches of rainfall. I know of at least a couple of people who were pulling soggy belongings out of their basements last night. My stuff: not on the floor of my basement. I learned that one early on. If you’re collecting your damp belongings from your basement, you can count your blessings that you can still get into your home and there is still stuff there – some people aren’t so lucky.


24 thoughts on “Four plus inches of rain

  1. Yeah, having that snow on the ground and then quickly melting with the temperature jump Sunday night and then add on top of that all the rain Sunday and Monday…spelled a disaster for many communities. We were spared up here along the Nooksack River this time…

  2. Most of us were very lucky to just have a really long, gray, wet day. I feel for all of those people who have been flooded out and stranded. My thoughts are with you.

  3. This storm is throwing a curveball at some of our pending sales too. We have a listing near Greenlake, pending sale, due to close this Friday. Six inches of water in the mostly unfinished basement which had been dry during our seller’s 10 years of ownership. Furnace is wet, the carpets in the two finished spaces, ruined. So a little negotiating (and updating of the Form 17) taking place to ensure the buyer is comfortable with this newfound “condition.”

  4. Don’t be surprised if some sales get delayed as the banks ask for places to be checked to see if they were in a flood area. I seem to recall that happening last year.

  5. Well now that I know the freeway is going to be closed for awhile, it looks like there will be a run on flights to Portland. As I was booking my flight, the available time/day options started disappearing before I could even decide. Thanks for the heads-up links, Galen.

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