From Inman Connect in New York

I’m chatting it up with bloggers and vendors from the Inman Connect conference in New York this week. Since Robbie already covered the big news this morning, I thought I’d post some cool new sites I found here:

FortiusOne is easily the coolest site that you’ve never heard of. They sell their product to brokers or agents and let them let you (the consumer) filter your home search in all sorts of neighborhood based (and RESPA-pushing) ways like populated with “young people,

6 thoughts on “From Inman Connect in New York

  1. hi galen!

    good to see you again dude. i really appreciated our chat 🙂

    with so much going on at the connect conference, how the heck did you even find the time to put up a blog post? i’m just getting around to checking my email…

    thank you for the plug 🙂


    – rudy

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