Congratulations to Russ Cofano

This is huge news for a local real estate company… Long-time Rain City Guide contributor, Russ Cofano, recently accepted a position as Vice President and General Counsel at John L. Scott. From an email I received from Russ:

For me, the New Year is bringing a major change. Beginning Monday, January 14, 2008, I am joining John L. Scott Real Estate as Vice President and General Counsel. The decision to leave Bullivant Houser Bailey was a difficult one as this is a truly exceptional law firm. At the same time, my new role at John L. Scott will provide unique challenges and opportunities for personal growth. John L. Scott consistently ranks in the top 10 of U.S. independent real estate brokerages and I am looking forward to helping them in their continued growth as an industry leader.

Russ was clearly instrumental in the early growth of the Rain City Guide community! And for anyone who was around for the early discussions between Russ and Ardell, it was like having a front row seat to a force of nature! I learned a ton from Russ on so many levels and am so excited to have him back “in the industry!”

By hiring Russ, John L. Scott is getting a lot more than just a superb lawyer. They are getting a thought-leader in the world of online real estate!

26 thoughts on “Congratulations to Russ Cofano

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  2. I would say Congratulations, Russ. But we all know that the congratulations go to John L. Scott for nabbing you, and not vice versa.

    Clearly a great match of talents, but they are the bigger winner in this eventful news.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks to all of you for your kind wishes. In this new role, I hope to have an even greater influence in raising the bar of legal knowledge in the industry which I know will translate into more agent-value to buyers and sellers.


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  5. Russ,
    Good news indeed! Not only will you help JLS, but you’ll have a huge impact on all NW real estate issues. I’m happy for our industry.
    Greg Perry

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