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Hands down…Pagliacci. Do you have another favorite? I’d love to hear it. My “standby” is the Brooklyn Bridge…however the “seasonals” are a treat…The pizza in the photo is the current seasonal: Salumi’s finocchiona salami, Mama Lil’s goathorn peppers, roasted fennel, mozzarella and ricotta cheese on an olive oil base.

Delish! Do you know of a better pizza delivered to your door in Seattle? Bring it!

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  1. I like Soprano’s up here in Ballard. My neighbors like Zagi’s, but I’m not a big thin crust guy, although they do have some interesting combinations.

    I was always at Zeeks when I lived on Queen Anne.

  2. Rhonda,
    I love Pagglis!!!! Even more than the delivery, I like visiting the Paggliacis in Capitol Hill or Queen Anne that serve the pizza by the slice, they use a slightly different crust and it is to die for.
    (I like pepperoni – they do the basics better than anyone)

  3. I’ve never been a big fan of Pagliacci’s. It’s right down the block from us so we used to order it a bunch when we first moved here simply because we didn’t know of anywhere better, but we were never really thrilled with it. Then, about a week after Pagliacci’s sold us an underbaked pizza for the second time in a row, we got the late night munchies walking back from the Fremont Almost Free Outdoor Movie so a friend of ours pulled out her cell phone and called I-Five Pizza. It arrived at our house about the same time we did and we’ve been huge fans ever since. Strangely enough, it’s on 99 in Greenlake, and while they call themselves California-style it’s the closest thing to a good East Coast pizza I’ve found in Seattle. Give ’em a try next time.

  4. I can’t think of the name of it, but there’s a small place off of Roy about 2-3 blocks up from Melrose. They make a veggie pizza which is good even if you ask them to leave off all the cheese.

    Has anyone else noticed the crust at Romeos has become rather commercial/manufactured? I’m wondering if it’s just the one down here in Renton or if they’re all that way now. Good toppings on a lousy crust.

  5. I love Zeeks! They have so many great vegetarian choices! Pete’s Pizza used to be my go to for calzones, but they have since pulled out of Seattle:(You can still find them in Spokane, though…
    I do like Pagliacci and they have broadened their delivery area quite a bit to hit the suburbs in the North:)

  6. I’m with Jim Reppond–think Pagliaccis is overrated, and Atlantic Street is probably my favorite pizza in the city. It’s the #1 thing I miss the most about living in the north end of town. (The throngs of drunken undergrads prowling the streets, breaking car windows and p*ssing in peoples’ lawns? Don’t miss them so much. People asked me and my husband if we felt “safe” moving to the Rainier Valley 10 years ago…that’s be a resounding YES, compared to the U district.)

    Oh, yeah, pizza! Tutta Bella is almost a completely different species than the heavy Chicago-style at Atlantic Street, but it’s amazingly delicious. They’re popping up elsewhere in town after starting in Columbia City, and worth seeking out, since sadly they don’t deliver, at least not at their CC branch. All Purpose Pizza on Jackson is the best pizza delivery we’ve found in SE Seattle. The major chains are down here, too, but I’d rather scrounge for ramen in the back of the cabinets than eat that stuff!

  7. We went to The Verve Wine Bar in Columbia City a few weeks ago…and need to go back (their chef was out when we visited). We didn’t have pizza while we there…I’ll keep my eye out for Tutta Bella.

    Another place I just remembered is North Lake Tavern Pizza (by Gasworks) and Vinces Pizza.

  8. I’m a huge pizza fan, enjoying thin crust just a smudgen more than a big fat thick crust. I was a Pagliaccis fan for years just because it always seemed to get voted the “best”. I’ve now found Pronto Pizza & Pasta (Actually, when I get tired of pizza, hardly ever, I love their pasta too) is scrumptious! You can find them online at They always get the order right and it’s hot when it hits my door! Not that I know from first hand experience but they deliver until 3am. They also have a greek influence throughout the menu with sandwiches, calzones, salads, etc.

  9. You must be on the fancy side of West Seattle, Rhonda. Pags disses the low-rent side.

    I went to A New York Pizza Place last night. They serve pies or by the slice (NY style – add toppings and another layer of cheese to an already cooked cheese slice). I ordered the Chicken Parm Hero. I’ve been looking for proper Chicken Parm Hero out here for 12 years, and finally found it last night. Tasty breaded cutlet, with the right amount of sauce and Mozzarella on a proper hero roll, cooked in a pizza oven. Yum!

    The Pizza’s delicious too.

  10. My wife and I are big fans of Romio’s (Magnolia) but I’ll admit the crust has seemed a tad rubbery the last time or two. We ordered Domino’s deepdish pepperoni recently for contractors working on our house and it was surprisingly good. As for the store-bought, home-baked variety, we’ve become addicted to Red Baron’s thin crust pepperoni. I highly recommend having a couple in the freezer for nights when you don’t want to cook, leave the house, or wait for delivery.

  11. biliruben, I think Pags expanded their territory…I know the West Seattle Blog gave them some heat. We’re such “consumers” of Pagaliccia, that every once in a while, we get a free pizza. Bonus! Something good to come of having three pizza hound teens.

  12. ‘Never been a fan of Pagliacci. It tastes fine and all, but just seems a little too “pretty” without much character.

    IMO, the BEST pizza in Seattle is Piecora’s – true NY/Brooklyn style pizza. My fav is the “Sweet Italian”.

    Located at 14th and Madison – and they deliver.

  13. Zeeks has to be my hands down favorite with many of their combo flavors vying for my taste bud’s affections (the butcher, tree hugger, dragon, etc) but my partner, Michael, is a big fan of Pagliacci. Even if he can’t pronounce it right. πŸ™‚

  14. Pagliacci – best standby pizza in the city…local ingredients, great employees / service, fun people on the other end of the phone. its a fun place….

  15. Thanks to Jillayne’s comment last week…I just had to order a pizza tonight from my favorite, Pagliacci. And it was FREE. No coupon…just a “frequent pie-er” thank you.

    Even if I would have shelled out my hard earned dough, this is delish:
    Pomodoraccio tomatoes are semi-sun-dried tomatoes from Italy. They are marinated in a mixture of sunflower oil, wine vinegar, herbs, spices and seasoning making them soft and supple. We feature pomodoraccios on our seasoned tomato sauce with salami, ricotta and mozzarella.

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