Laying Bamboo or Wood Floor on the Diagonal

diagonal wood floorOne of the questions Kim and I are asked most often is which way to lay the bamboo or wood floors. Horizontal? Vertical?

Often the better and best choice is on the diagonal. However I am told this method requires a higher level of craftmanship and produces a larger amount of product waste.

If the home is deep and narrow, you like want to go with horizontal. If the home is wide and shallow in depth, you like want to use vertical. Same goes if you are just doing one room. The room will feel even more long and narrow if you place the wood in a vertical position vs. a horizontal layout.

But don’t overlook that third answer, on the diagonal, particularly in smaller homes.

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44 thoughts on “Laying Bamboo or Wood Floor on the Diagonal

  1. Laugh if you want, Conrad. But this is the stuff people who are buying and selling real estate really do ask.

    People who are NOT buying and selling real estate talk about market conditions a lot more than those who are.

    We can’t always feed the monster. We have to sometimes talk about the real questions that people we work with day in and day out actually ask us.

    I wrote this post for a man in Shoreline who had that question. You insult HIM and not me with your comment.

  2. Ardell-

    I’m insulting anyone who actually writes “like” as though they were speaking it in a grammatically incorrect way. Such usage is generally accepted as an indicator of less than stellar intelligence. I’m sure you’re the exception.

    Your comments about flooring, and ways to manipulate it and its affect on the space are worthwhile. But please don’t present them in the voice of a silly teenager, then hope to sell me a million dollar property. Cheers.

  3. LOL! It was a typo Conrad. I don’t talk that way at all. My laptop has been jumping around for some reason and the cursor moves to a different place in the text from time to time. Trust me…I don’t talk like a Valley Girl. I’m from Philly and have a style you may not like either…but it is clearly not valley girl style.

  4. Well, it was fun being a Valley Girl for a few hours. I have no idea how those two “like”s found there way into my post. Maybe someone is pulling my leg.

  5. Wow – putting these comments aside, (lol) I hadn’t even thought of putting my bamboo down on the diagonal – I am happy with it as is, but I will have to talk to my floor guy because he didn’t even offer me a diagonal option and I want some more details. Thanks for the info, ARDELL:)

  6. CZB- Thanks for the help, but I meant it as written. While a bit more obscure, it’s correct. From Goggle:

    af·fect1 (ə-fĕkt’)
    tr.v., -fect·ed, -fect·ing, -fects.
    To have an influence on or effect a change in: Inflation affects the buying power of the dollar.
    To act on the emotions of; touch or move.
    To attack or infect, as a disease: Rheumatic fever can affect the heart.
    n. (ăf’ĕkt’)
    Feeling or emotion, especially as manifested by facial expression or body language: “The soldiers seen on television had been carefully chosen for blandness of affect

  7. I know what you mean, Conrad. I noticed Jillayne said “do what legislation is suppose to do” instead of supposed to do. But I decided to let it slide 🙂

  8. Smug Conrad,
    Your most recent post actually demonstrates your error quite clearly, but since you still didn’t get it:

    Inflation affects the buying power.
    Inflation has an effect on the buying power.

    Inflation does not have an affect on the buying power.


    Flooring affects space
    Flooring has an effect on space

    (from your earlier post) Flooring does not have an affect on space.

    I actually could give an RA about grammar and typos on blogs. I only mentioned it because your grammatically sanctimonious post had such basic grammatical errors. I couldn’t pass up the irony.

    And yes, your sentEnce structure truly is complex (please stop, you’re killing me).

    I suppose we’re, like, done (totally). Now I will go adjust my top-of-the-head single pony tail, chew some gum and file my nails.

  9. People do ask realtors there thoughts on interiors as they view homes and see what is there has to go and they value someone who is in and out of homes daily and sees what looks good and resell later and people like. Some great tips on the diagnal. It does cost more as there is more cut off pieces but using bambo is renewalbe source is a good choice. By the way staining it dark is really a nice choice also.

  10. CZB-

    Take it up with Goggle, honey, not me- it’s their example. But you’re wrong.

    As my mom used to say, “you only appear stupid to those who are smarter than you- the rest you have fooled.”

  11. Conrad-
    I’m gonna use possessive in a sentence,tell me how i do
    “Conrads’ boyfriend is very possessive of him’ 🙂

  12. ‘Arden, I am often a grammar and word spelling snob myself. As I have aged my acumen has declined. But, your comment contains a less than “Stellar” error too. The use of the word , ‘affect’ is grammatically incorrect. In your context it should read “effect”. Sorry, none of us is perfect.

  13. Patricia,

    1) I didn’t use that word incorrectly, Conrad did.

    2) Conrad was already corrected by czb in comments 10 and 11

    It’s OK to be “the grammar police”, just be sure you are “arresting” the correct person. 🙂

  14. Is this really about flooring? Sounds like a really bad reality tv show. All I want to know is, does laying bamboo on a diagonal create the look of more space? Yes or no will do-thanks

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