Geekier than Geek Estate & Sweeter than Sweet Digs

Sometimes, you find something in your own back yard that’s an unexpected & pleasant surprise. Like that hole in the wall teriyaki restaurant right by the office, I recently stumbled upon Redfin Developer’s Blog. And since that day of first discovery, I’ve come back often yearning for more.

I just wanted to thank the engineers at Redfin for blogging about their day to day life as web software engineers. As a fellow software engineer, I always like knowing “how they did it that”, “what are they up to now”, or even “WTF were they thinking” (just kidding on that last one guys).

Even though I tend to prefer SQL Server for my apps (I freely admit that I am biased), I really enjoyed their MySQL to Postgress & Elephant vs Dolphin posts (perhaps I have a database fetish?). I also learned something new & valuable from their CSS Sprites + Firefox Content Preferences = Site Go Boom post. Even the folks without software engineering degrees would probably enjoy their How to search Redfin directly from IE and Firefox & Syndicate Redfin Listings in WordPress posts.

Anyway, if you’re developing a web site, (or even if you aren’t), I think their developers blog feed belongs in your feed reader. Then again, I’m biased.

PS – I can’t believe you guys don’t have Coding Horror on your blogs you like list yet.

4 thoughts on “Geekier than Geek Estate & Sweeter than Sweet Digs

  1. Thanks for the complements! It makes it all worthwhile to know people are reading our humble dev blog.

    By the way, I previously worked in the SQL Server team at Microsoft, so I’m totally cool with your bias 🙂 The upcoming version of SQL Server will (finally) have spatial search support, thanks to Ed Katibah and his team. So, when that’s released, who knows, maybe we’ll consider making another DB switch at Redfin? (probably not) For now Postgres is a good fit for us.

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