Need cash flow? Don't be afraid of unpopular sales and…

mobile home
……..selling uncoventional listings otherwise known in the real estate world as “Mobile Homes.”

You think to yourself…pshttt. Yeah, you laugh. You say, “whatever. That’s not going to make me a listing star or a top producer!”

Guess again. You may find this hard to believe, but one of the top two producing agents (in both sales and commissions paid out of our escrow office, I believe two years running) who uses our office to close mobile homes, comes in to collect commission checks darn near every week. Sometimes more than once a week. Sometimes, three a week. This unassuming agent is in our office so often we nearly gave ’em a desk and phone. (ok, not quite).

It is not unusual for the agent to stop in with two transactions on Wednesday and say, “let’s close these by Friday.” Sounds good to us.

Don’t discount this lucrative market. The sales are closed as fast as the parties can make it to our office to sign their paperwork. Two thousand dollars here, three thousand dollars there…it all adds up to well into the six figures in earned commissions. For crying out loud, wouldn’t you like a transaction that can close just about as fast as popcorn pops in the Microwave!

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  1. A transaction you can close as fast as popcorn pops that’s a mobile home? You must be talking of those in parks and not requiring (or qualifying for) a mortgage (typically FHA)?

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