Ardell DellaLoggia and Kary Krismer

Lots of people speculate as to why Kary Krismer  “calls me out” around the internet in various places by saying I am “wrong” about this and that and most everything.  I don’t really know why he does that. I do know I have never met the man, as far as I know. I’ve never had a real estate transaction with him. I’ve never met him at an Open House or a Real Estate related educational function.

Maybe I have met him, and the fact that I don’t remember ever having met him is what makes him so irate and why he personally targets me at every opportunity.

Oh well, the speculating is fun sometimes. If anyone wants to venture a guess as to why he does that…leave your guess in a comment. Maybe I can make some headway toward better communication with him…with your help.

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ARDELL is a Managing Broker with Better Properties METRO King County. ARDELL was named one of the Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers in the U.S. by Inman News and has 33+ years experience in Real Estate up and down both Coasts, representing both buyers and sellers of homes in Seattle and on The Eastside. email: cell: 206-910-1000

32 thoughts on “Ardell DellaLoggia and Kary Krismer

  1. Ardell- you and I have had lots of back and forths
    without ever meeting. We should remedy that one
    of these days. In the meantime I always enjoy the
    DellaLoggia viewpoints on EastSide Issues- RE and
    others. Don’t ever stop your talented writing about
    these Kirkland and other suburban areas.

    • I love you without meeting you, Jerry…as I do many people I have “met” online. Usually if there is a consistent disagreement that is at a personal level I try to meet the person face to face.

      I have gotten along with David Losh much better since we met in person, and I am grateful that he took the time. Craig and I also forged a much better relationship once we met in person. We still love the occasional spar and jab…but it’s different after you have met in person. Craig knows I love him. I’ve met Ray Pepper…he’s really a sweetheart at his core. I’m meeting Ira to have a Philly Cheese Steak in Burien on Wednesday. There’s a Social Media get together in Tukwila on August 30. I’ve met Tim from Seattle Bubble several times over the years.

      I’ve been to and have spoken at so many things in Real Estate over the last 6 years…it’s hard NOT to run into someone who is working in this industry. I have even offered to buy him coffee…he has been invited to events where I am speaking. Never met him.

      When he speaks ill of me it sounds as if we have worked together, so I thought it was important for people to know that I have never met him or had any dealings with him except for his constant attacks of me online.

  2. When boys pick on girls it means they want ACTION with that girl! Happens at an early age and starts with chasing…

    Only way to stop it is…………………………………….you gotta let him catch you….Kim will understand..

  3. Well, seeing as you chose to leave this up, I’ll say that this last disagreement actually started about a month ago. It had nothing to do with you.

    I tried to warn you, but you, being stubborn, thought you could handle it. You thought if you just provided more information Kary would get it, and move on.

    I’m sorry, you didn’t deserve all of what followed.

  4. I appreciate the times you have tried to be a lightening rod for me, David. I tried to be a lightening rod for Pegasus. I guess that did work somewhat…but then I needed you to be a lightening rod for me. hmmm interesting.

    That sparked a thought. I just checked the short sale statistics for Kent, Federal Way, Renton, Auburn and Burien. 34% of the pending properties are short sales. Another 26% are bank owned sales. 22% of the Active Listings are short sales. Another 10% are bank owned property. Only 10% of the closed sales are short sales.

    Perhaps what we are experiencing is the backlash of the frustration of working in an area with so many distressed properties…and not enough short sales actually closing? That would explain the overcharged emotional level being infused into a business discussion.

    Perhaps our only “crime” is that we were there. That makes me feel better. Instead of being a shoulder for him to lean on in trying times, we began substituting one another as lightening rods for the resultant venom. That makes perfect sense, David. Instead of being a lightening rod, which wears me down too much, perhaps I need to be more empathetic and sympathetic to the possible root cause of the attacks.

    That was very helpful, David. There were times when I didn’t understand you much…I’m grateful you took the time to bridge that gap. You have been a valuable resource for me in many ways.

    Why is that monkey on our backs? Maybe because the poor monkey needed a leg up in these trying times, and our backs were all that was available. kind of like “any port in a storm”.

    You are right that I am stubborn. I am still looking for a way to understand and resolve the problem.

  5. I doubt very much that Kary’s behavior is any way related to the number of distressed properties in south King County.
    It’s more like:
    1. He’s bored.
    2. He’s threatened by women.
    3.He doesn’t like the east coast style, it threatens his manhood or something.
    4. He’s a lawyer. Lawyers love to pick at unimportant details.
    5. He hasn’t had a good shit in ten years.
    6. He’s stubborn like you are, and is holding onto something you may have posted two years ago that he felt was insulting. Maybe an apology would be in order.
    7. He wasn’t held enough as a child.

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Ira. They have actually been VERY helpful. #6 anyway. 🙂

    Most of the “issues” Kary beats me up about are the very things I write about BECAUSE most agents do not view them as I do. Duh! How did I lose my perspective on that?

    I wouldn’t have written about them in the first place if most agents DID agree with me…there would have been no point in trying to change the collective consciousness on these topics if agents already agreed with me on these.

    1) Whether a lease purchase is the same as a lease with an option to buy…I say no…he says yes.

    2) Whether agents who let the short sale seller stay in the property as a tenant after closing are violating the “Arm’s Length Agreement”. I say yes…he says no.

    3) The newest one, is the danger of a home being UNDER priced of more concern (and worthy of a $20,000 fine for underpricing) a bigger danger to consumers than OVER priced listings. I say no…he says yes.

    I guess I could automatically and repeatedly simply say “I’m sorry you don’t agree with me on this Kary, but we just don’t see things the same way.” Actually I tried to do that with a bit of levity by posting this song”

    There’s Only You and Me and We Just Disagree

    …I thought that song was very appropriate to our years of struggle with trying to find a level playing field. The line:

    “There ain’t no good guy; there ain’t no bad guy…there’s only you and me and we just disagree”

    is the sad truth of it all. The same way the song has a bitter-sweet tone of two caring people who just “can’t see eye to eye” has become our “theme song”. I sing it in my head not when he happens by…

    There really just isn’t any resolution when it comes to the core issues of our disputes, as we fall on opposite sides most all the time when it comes to the issues pertaining to our industry. If these were not issues where I feel differently than most agents, like Lease Purchase, Arm’s Length Agreements and Penalties for UNDER pricing but not for OVER pricing…I wouldn’t be blogging about them.

    I blog about them because MOST agents don’t agree with me on these things…I try to make them think of alternative ways to view these topics. That is who I am…that is why I blog…that is why people read what I blog. So what he doesn’t like about me is also the very reason I have been successful at blogging in the first place.

    Thanks Ira! That makes PERFECT SENSE!

  7. At first I thought you guys must have known each other and that’s why he was always after you.
    Ardell is it possible that in the future you will start some sort of online real-estate/lawyer resistance group?
    you might just be the Sarah Conner of the seattle internet scene, and he has been sent from the future to destroy your online presence… It can’t be stopped!

    • Voight-kampff,

      Thanks for popping by. When it started to look as if he knew me, I thought it was important to note that he doesn’t.

      Our industry got “dumbed down” when lawyers started preaching to Brokers and Brokerages that agents weren’t allowed to…most anything.

      1) Not allowed to explain contracts to their clients
      2) Not allowed to comment on the home inspection
      3) Not allowed to offer advice of any kind

      Brokers loved it, as they saw it as an opportunity to get the same money with less liability. Now if they could just put an agent in a room with duct tape on their mouth and their hands tied behind their backs, they’d have it made.

      I speak against the agent with their thumbs up their butt and duct tape on their mouth. Sure it’s less liability for the brokerage, and the lawyers are correct in giving that advice to their brokerage clients. But where does that leave the consumer in the room?

      People speculate that agents, not always but often, step back from anything happening in a real estate transaction because they are dumb, or lazy, or the entry bar is too low. Truth is, that is not the case at all. Lawyers tell brokerages to tell agents to shut up once the buyer signs the contract, and just wait for their money from escrow at closing. The lack of training for all that is in between,that helps the buyer of a home vs the brokerage simply “close it out”, is by design.

      I speak against that…it angers many in my industry that I speak against that…have become a champion to those who support that both in and out of the industry. I have become a lightening rod for those who try to maintain the message that agents aren’t “allowed to” anything.

      Lawyers have always had the wet dream that they could dumb down the agents and infuse an attorney into EVERY transaction, as they do in New York City. That has not happened…but it will continue to be a struggle between agents and attorneys for many years to come. The legal field will continue to preach that agents are “not allowed” to…everything that makes them of value. Lawyers will continue to say “agents only fill in the blanks” and have no thought process whatsoever. Let’s bring in the agent robots or monkeys trained to fill in blanks then.

      Lacking the ability to shut me up…Kary uses the tactic that I am ALWAYS “wrong”…always…and a “bad agent” for not leaving everything to the lawyers. Well maybe I would leave it to the lawyer in the room…but there ain’t a lawyer IN the room at 1 a.m. when my client can’t sleep until I answer the many questions rolling around their head keeping them up at night.

      Thank you for letting me bounce off your funny comment, Voight-kampff. If I were wrong at 1 out of 50 things in Kary’s mind…I would examine those things VERY carefully. But when he chooses to say I am wrong about EVERYTHING…which took me years to figure out 🙂 …well, that just means he wants me to shut the hell up and go away. LOL!

  8. Ardell- As a fellow professional, I’ve always admired
    your professionalism. As for me, a well experienced
    residential architect, I’ve rarely bought (or sold) any
    Real Estate withought the valuable experienced advice
    of the Agent/Broker to add to my ownn RE abilities. J-

    • I appreciate your thoughts Jerry, but the industry has changed a lot since the last time you purchased or sold a home, I would think. Plus you have always been intelligent enough to not need much assistance, particularly when buying a home vs selling one. You don’t see homes as they are…you see them as what they can be after you improve them. Fabulous perspective, but not shared by the majority.

      The changes in the last 5 years have been many. If the message that agents should do nothing continues…then the industry, and the cost of it, should disappear as well. I do not support the industry in a way that says it must continue…quite the opposite. I support the idea that the industry must change to continue…or be disbanded.

      Many say real estate is broken…and say they are “fixing it”…when in fact they are merely monopolizing on the message that it is broken vs changing what is actually broken. It has become profitable to say “real estate is broken”. At first the claim to fix it is very sincere…but then the money clouds the issue, and fixing what is actually broken gets forgotten. Sad…but true.

      Brokerages do not want “great agents”…they want lemmings who will SELL houses. They are #winning in a Charlie Sheen kind of way. Sad but true. They are #winning their way into extinction…as Charlie is.

          • Hi Craig!

            Glad you stopped by!

            You know I wish you all the best. I truly do. I can honestly say the biggest problem with your biz model is it wasn’t around sooner. It would truly have been a Godsend during the times of high inventory and high volume sales.

            It’s a little harder these days to find a good property to buy within a 6 month time frame. You have a client who pops in from time to time. I think his name is Curtis. He has a great attitude and doesn’t force his search into that six month time frame. He understands that the payment at the end of six months is not a deadline in any way shape or form as to choosing a good home for him to buy.

            I do think the cost of buying and selling, all costs on a combined basis, have gotten out of control. Clearly anyone who does not plan to keep their home for 20 or 30 years cannot keep paying the high cost of “in and out” time and time again. What a destruction of family wealth.

            While I don’t view cost of service as the #1 “broken” aspect of real estate, anyone fixing any small part of what is “broken” gets my support. I do wish they wouldn’t build their businesses by saying they are the best and better than…but I think that’s because it makes real estate sound too much like religion and only one “true” Church. There are many ways to get to Heaven, and many ways to handle real estate transactions well. All of them being good choices is my wish, not one being best for all, but many and varied choices each being good at what they do.

            As to being rich…my goal is to get to Heaven. 🙂 But I sincerely support all of your hopes and dreams.

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