“Motivated Seller” ???

motivated sellerWhy is it that when you call to set up appointments to see homes that are for sale, the owner that gives you the longest song and dance, is the one that says “Motivated Seller”? It’s as if the agent is saying… I know the owner doesn’t appear to be motivated…but please ignore that.

Generally an agent calls to make an appointment and says something like: “Hello. I am planning to show your home today between 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.” The potential responses from the other end of the phone should be:

1) Thank You
2) NO…sorry, that’s not a good time.

Answers come in all forms:

1) Well I was going to go to the store, but I guess I could stay and clean up and go to the store later…

2) Can you come on Tuesday instead of today? Tuesday is a good day for me.

3) Can you call my agent because I like her to be here when agents show the home so she can tell you about all of the wonderful things about my home?

4) Is it a “serious” buyer? Because I don’t want people coming who aren’t serious buyers.

It’s a yes or no question. If your home is for sale and an agent calls to show the home, remember that is what you are supposed to WANT to happen!

Say Thank You and Yes…whenever possible.

14 thoughts on ““Motivated Seller” ???

  1. It’s about managing your seller, as a client, from an agent’s perspective. Weekly updates, aggressive marketing, and keeping your client EXCITED to sell their home. Anything less, and you could be doing better.

  2. Ardell, what percentage of those answers are from listings that have been on too long (possibly overpriced) or sellers who have not been educated by the listing agent as to how to increase the odds of their home selling?

  3. There really is no rhyme or reason, Rhonda. It’s often more about the personality of the owners. In fact this area is one of the few areas where the agent for the buyer calls the seller direct for a showing. In most areas the agent calls the Listing OFFICE and not the seller direct.

    There are so many “wrong” things a seller can say to the Agent for the Buyer that later can lead to a disadvantage for the seller. Some keep you on the phone for 15 minutes and tell you WAY too much of their personal business when you are just calling to make an appointment to see the home.

  4. Haha, thank you for that much needed reality check Ardell. You are absolutely right. It amazes me how make “sellers” behave in ways that make selling improbable or impossible, and then act completely surprised by the lack of interest in their property.

  5. Ardell,

    I believe that sellers are smart but this is why real estate is not simple. It is the biggest investment a person will ever make and the buyer wants everything to be perfect before they sign the papers. This is where a brokerage comes in who does the research and homework for them and gives them and the buyer the confidence in the transaction.

  6. I have always found this verbiage in the private comments a little troubling. The reality of any sale is that it will require motivation on both sides of the transaction.A non motivated seller means a long time on the market.

    • Glad you pointed that out Thomas. Yes. As agents we read a LOT more into that verbiage than what it literally says. We expect difficulties every step of the way from a seller who makes it difficult to see the house.

  7. I was wondering when I’d start seeing showing instructions as text or email the seller vs calling. Making an appointment for tonight at 7:15 and instruction is please text seller with 2 hour notice. Love that!

    • LOL – That is really unfortunate. We currently use a showing service for the most part in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area however there are rumblings that a similar system is being considered. I can’t wait for the miscommunication on this.

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