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Eileen Tefft

Eileen has a long and rich background in both residential and commercial sales as well as restaurant and marina development and operations. She is a CCIM candidate having completed all the course work for this commercial designation and is a broker/co-owner of her real estate company, LTD Real Estate and also co-owner of LTD Construction and Venture Capital. Eileen believes in real estate as an investment and started her investment career as a real estate syndicator in the mid 80’s, much like creating today’s REIT’s.

From there she became the owner of 2 very successful restaurants and marinas. She is back now doing what she loves and she and her partner, Jon Ribary are developing LTD into a high technology Real Estate Company whose agents love to work with clients on all levels, whether first time buyers or seasoned investors. LTD is a unique combination of real estate sales as well a real estate development, construction and investment. Eileen is married with 5 children.

She is a graduate of UCSD in Chemistry, Biology and Math and holds real estate designations in CRS,CSP,E-Pro, CFS,NAREC,ABR to name a few. Eileen is constantly taking classes to further her education.You can learn more about her at her website.

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  1. The Seattle Times, like most of the mainstream media, has misinformed its public.

    Sales in the Western United States plunged over 29%. They were up in double digits in the Eastern United States, and up over 5% in the midwest.

    The devil (or was it god?), as they say, is in the details.

  2. Joe,

    You make a good point and I’d definitely aware of the regional differences… But I don’t think the “misinformed” the pubic in that the facts are right. Nationally, things are doing so well, even if things are still relatively hot in the midwest (and Seattle!).

  3. Most of my Realtor friends around the Country are reporting that they are in a buyers market.

    Far as I can tell here, we are not anywhere near a slowdown (Eastside anyway). Sales are down because inventory is down,but anything decent coming on market is selling, many with multiple bids. Plenty of buyers…not enough good houses to sell them. I have two listings coming on next week. Let’s see how fast they sell.

    Most of my buyers have found something….all except one. Things picked up this week.

  4. Ardell,

    Heard anything about Pierce County market conditions? Has a buyers market emerged there yet?

  5. Yale economist Robert Shiller seems to think we may have a real estate collapse on our hands. The National Association of Realtors thinks otherwise.

    For those that are unaware, Robert Shiller is the author of “Irrational Exuberance.” His thinking was quite unpopular leading up to the stock market correction (collapse for you Bears) of 2000.

    You can view Robert Shiller’s partial commentary at http://www.washington-realestate.blogspot.com or the full ABC News Nightline interview at: http://www.abcnews.go.com/Nightline/story?id=1764935&page=1

  6. Good question, Lito. There is a franchise called “We Buy Ugly Houses” and other outfits with similar names. Most try to buy your house for 80 cents on the dollar and then remodel and flip them. Some try to buy your house for 80 cents on the dollar and then sell them for more money without remodeling them. The latter are basically capturing the money the seller leaves on the table. Some sellers just want money fast.

    Many, or at least some, do not have licenses. Licensees, generally speaking, have to get the most money they can for the seller, and cannot profit from the seller’s naivety…for the most part. That is why there is a quote from me by Inman or RealtyTimes or some Googleable search of my name, saying “ask to see their real estate license”.

    If you are dealing with a “buy ugly houses” outfit that is not licensed, be a little more careful to represent yourself than with one who is licensed. Be careful ALWAYS that you are not giving up more than you should for the convenience of fast cash.

  7. Lito,
    A couple of posts back I talked about how difficult it is to remodel and make any money by flipping. The franchise “we buy ugly houses” has found a way to do that by buying below market. There’s a whole business model with business overhead, just to find those houses that can be bought for a 20% discount i.e., every looked into the cost of bus advertising which is where I most often see this advertised?. I wish every buyer I’ve ever heard that wanted to offer 20% below asking would see what it takes to get just that.

  8. Eric D. You asked about Pierce County market conditions. Seems to me that there has to be some local pressures around Fife as fallout from D R Horton’s Radiance Community http://www.liveatradiance.com

    I don’t like to comment on stats and market conditions on such a broad area like, national, King County or Pierce County. In my experience Downtown Kirkland can go up 25% while 20 minutes away the appreciation can be 8%. A new home community as large as Radiance with 25 or more models in all price ranges, can put a lot of pressure on the nearby resales. Yet in other parts of Pierce, they won’t feel it at all.

    So if you give me a smaller geogrphic area in Pierce, I’d be happy to comment further.