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Broken MercedesHave you been having problems with your Comcast cable service lately? I know I have… It looks like Comcast is willing to give a refund for your down time, but you have to call them up. Their customer service number is: 877-824-2288.
Here is an article regarding the issue from the Seattle Times:
The Seattle Times: Local News: Internet snag hits Comcast customers

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  1. Here’s an update… The Seattle Times: Local News: Comcast fixes sporadic disruptions of Internet service: “Comcast says a ‘memory leak’ caused the disruption that inconvenienced some of its 7 million high-speed Internet customers nationwide.”

    I tried calling Comcast a little while ago, and it appears there is no communication between their right-hand and their left. The customer service representative said that they have had no problems recently. And that any problems I might have had were probably related to a bad modem. This is an industry that seriously needs some competition!

  2. i have had comcast out twice over the last few months in regards to slow service. they claimed bad modems each time as well. they even informed me that i might want to change my linksys router for a dlink, and drop zonealarm for their free version of mccafee. i droped zonealarm installed their software and proceeded to have some of my apps blocked and websites blocked even at the lowest setting. i am back on zonealarm. as far as the router i do not believe them. this is a brand new router. i replaced 5 or 6 year old one a couple a months ago because iu thought it was the router, i have since found out if i hook the modem straight into the computer i still have the same problem. i even went as far as to wipe my drive reinstall the os with the modem connected directly to the computer. same problem. they garentee 6 megs at all times including peek times. there are times when dialup would be faster. i completely agree that they need competion badly. they raise your bill and you do not even get the service you paid for. there is a cnet/zdnet article about broadband in england. even a tiny community has 8 megs for 28.73 us dollars including taxes. the fcc fund that is suppose to help low income and rual areas is being used in areas that are considered not to need help. in other words the big broadband companies have us the tax payer double paying for service upgrade.

  3. Hello Comcast

    I am not able to look at televison due to my cable service not working. I hope that the problem is resovled soon. As of July 16th 07 I am without so I hope that I will be reimburst for your inconvience.


    Ms V. Mc Gregor

  4. I apologize my cable is now working. I do not know what was happening but all of a sudden it came on.


    Ms Valerie Mc Gregor

  5. Glad to hear it got fixed! 🙂 and if it were up to me, you would be reimburst from Comcast on a monthly basis (That’s right: Comcast should pay us for their service! LOL!)

  6. Anyone else have problems with their DVR after comcast went to its new on screen menu..mine keep turning itself on and off and recycling…

  7. I’ve actually had little or no problems with Comcast. Other than my bill being a little high, they’ve been pretty good to me. It was nice going from dial up to this “high speed” internet that they provide me. Although I think its kind of stupid that they charge me for “internet booster” or something like that.

  8. Comcast technical support told me they intend to upgrade their internet network [and hardware?] during 2009 in Seattle’s Blue Ridge/North Beach area. Given the current economy, I’m skeptical they will fulfill this objective.

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