Call for Guest Bloggers

I had a brainstorming session with a mortgage broker this afternoon and we discussed all kinds of potential uses for generating leads on the web. I mentioned that I would be interested in having guest bloggers on my site who could give opinions on their particular area of expertise. Considering I haven’t held back in giving mortgage advice, I should at least let mortgage brokers get a word or two in.

My plan is to give a forum for real estate experts (mortgage brokers, title company representatives, contractors, etc.) to post articles (“blog entries”) on a semi-regular basis. If you fit into the “real estate” industry and would be interested in posting an article every once in a while, then email me with some of your ideas and I’ll create a username/password so that you can begin.

My requirements for posting articles are simple:

1) Post informative articles. Post that simply advertise your service won’t cut it. For example, from mortgage brokers I would like to see articles that are about current events or explanations (in plain english) of mortgage terms. Like why did the long-term interest rates go down right after the Feds recently raised the prime interest rates a quarter of a point? (I’ve got lots of other ideas, if you need some, just ask me!)

2) Work in the Seattle Area.

The main benefit of blogging on my site is that you can get increased exposure without having to build a blog of your own. (I’m starting to generate a significant amount of traffic and the site is only two months old!) Maybe you’ll find that you like blogging so much, you’ll start your own at some point in the future. Either way, you are welcome to test out the technology on my site if you are willing to add good content!

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