A Birthday Request!

This past week I received the ultimate gift for my 30th birthday, which just so happens to be today!

With everything going on, I really haven’t spent much time thinking about my birthday (surprise, surprise!), but it did occur to me that maybe I should mix in a new feature of Rain City Guide with a birthday request.

Some background… I’ve been inspired by Jim over at J. LeRoy to write more book reviews. Some of the book reviews will be directly related to real estate (as in “how to buy, sell, invest” books), while other books will only loosely (very loosely) be connected to real estate (but I’m pretty good at stretching things!). The important thing is that I’m going to keep reading (and reviewing) and switching off between fiction and non-fiction in order to add some balance!

Knowing for a few weeks that I’ve wanted to include book reviews in Rain City Guide, I’m a little ahead of the game and have prepared a few book reviews that I’ll be publishing soon. However, I’ve got a problem. Only a few weeks into this endeavor, I’ve got plenty of non-fiction books lined up in my Amazon WishList, but I’m already out of fiction books. I’m in desperate need of some good fiction stories!

All this leads to my birthday request…

What books do you recommend I read in this upcoming year?

Despite my preference for fiction, there are no rules for your recommendations. Feel free to include one, two or ten books… Feel free to include books about investing in real estate, building environmentally-friendly homes, blogging, history, Japanese culture, and so on… Feel free to include books that have taught, inspired, or challenged you… Most importantly, I’m just looking for books that will keep me turning the pages!

14 thoughts on “A Birthday Request!

  1. Happy Birthday!

    I have a “call out” for a real estate book someone I know wrote some time back. I’m sure the review would be great for the site. It was called something like “How to MAKE your Realtor get you the BEST deal!” I think I burned my copy 🙂 I’m sure one of the 30,000 agents I forum with has one they want to get rid of. Should know in a day or two.

    New baby and the big 3-0 all at once! Something tells me it’s going to be a good year!

  2. Happy Birthday!
    Here’s one for you. Try The Next Great Bubble Boom by Harry S. Dent. It looks sensationalized hype to me, but maybe not…

    Here’s another. The Coming Generational Storm by Kotlikoff and Burns. It too deals with predicting economic changes associated with aging baby boomers, a favorite topic of mine. By the way, they strongly recommend owning a home as a place to whether the storm.

    If you read/review either, drop me a comment on my research blog eh? Thanks!

  3. Thanks Ardell!

    I look forward to checking it out!

    And thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far…

    Any more recommendations?

    My fiction list is still looking pretty dismal…

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