Romancing Ballard

Before being interrupted, the contributors of Rain City Guide were having a nice little series on Romacing Our Homes. Seeing how tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d sum up things and add one more article on my neighborhood! So what type of romance did rain city guide contributor’s share?

On to Ballard…

ballard rr crossing

Anna and I simply love living in Ballard. We’ve both lived in different parts of the country (and the world!), but we’ve never lived in a place quite like Ballard. It offers a great mix of urban features (walkable neighborhoods with lots of coffeeshops, bakeries, art houses, farmer’s markets, etc.) without feeling too urban. For a relatively young family, it offered us a wonderful opportunity to own a home with a big yard and great neighbors! Thank you Ballard!

In addition to the year-round Farmer’s market in Downtown, Ballard hosts three festivals that are a lot of fun:

If you’re looking for more on Ballard, check out the post I wrote last march on the Ballard Community as well as this post Anna put together on the history of Golden Gardens! (Interesting stuff!)

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