Capturing Downtown Ballard on Video

A few months ago, I received an email from someone who was working with Inman News to create neighborhood videos. I remember checking out a video from Inman a long time ago that seemed like one big ad for an agent, so I didn’t expect much from the videos and the idea of following up quickly fell off my radar.

However, I’m here to say that I missed the boat on this one… I wish to make amends right here and now because these neighborhood videos are awesome!

This first neighborhood video I want to present on Rain City Guide is a tour of Ballard narrated by a local musician. While it isn’t Hollywood-production material, the five-minute video gives a fun perspective on some of the endearing features of Ballard.

(If you see a bunch of white space above, it means you need to install Flash… It’s worth the effort.)

Here are links to things seen and/or heard on the video:

If you want to see more video’s from Seattle’s neighborhoods, just keep following Rain City Guide, as I’ll put a similar post together for each of the neighborhoods that have already been featured!

But if you can’t wait and/or you want to see other featured neighborhoods from throughout the country, you can either go directly to the source or watch them via Google Video (My recommendation). And budding filmmakers: Click here and then on “Become a TurnHere Filmmaker” to find out how you can get paid to make a film of your neighborhood.

On a related note, Google Video just keeps getting better and better. If you have some time to kill, check out these videos they have collected from the National Archives.

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