Much of the Seattle Area was without power for at least a short time, and some parts longer, since the storm on Thursday night.  I have clients with trees on their houses and cars.  Most of the Eastside is without power still, including my hometown of Kirkland.  I heard tell that Redmond was back up as of this morning.

I am desperately trying to reach Dustin!! and am at a remote source posting this, so will keep it brief. 

Apologies for not responding to Jay’s request, but have my hands full with three offers and no power.  That’s all for now.  Am at my sister’s in Seattle who has power to take A SHOWER!! and am wading through my 218 emails using webmail aarrgghh!!

Doing the best I can…if power is not back by Blog Swap Day, I may have to write it not only ON the Redfin blogsite but AT REDFIN!!! who hopefully has power.

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18 thoughts on “NO POWER!!!!

  1. “Apologies for not responsind to Jay’s request, but have my hands full with three offers and no power.”

    NO problem Ardell! That should be at the ROCK BOTTOM of your “to do” list!

    Be safe! Hope normalcy returns SOON.

  2. Redfin has power! Our lights flickered and we lost Internet connection for a bit, but the worst was listening to the Seahawks lose to the 49ers that stormy night (honestly, we can hear the fans cheering, or groaning, from INSIDE our office). Come on by if you need to, we’d love to have you.

  3. It’s all Dustin’s fault anyway. He took the good weather with him to South California. 🙁

    You guys should move to Ballard. We had no problems at all. To us, these storms are (almost) business as usual…

  4. Cynthia,

    I’ve been wanting to stop by for a long time. I like to go shopping Downtown after Christmas. I’ll poke my head in and see who’s around when I do. For now, power is back, so I’m OK for Tuesday.

  5. Glad to hear it! How did Harrison do in the dark? Luckily I had about a zillion candles in my staging stuff. We had lots of light and piles of melted wax.

    I have an agent from Kenmore coming tomorrow for a shower! They’re saying it could be another week there, and for Mercer Island as well.

    So what might you want in a house after this experience? Wood fireplaces! Gas Cooking! Gas hot water tanks! Actually we have gas heat too, if we could have figured out how to bypass the new fancy digital electric thermostat. Used to be gas heat worked in a power failure, with those old round thermostats.

  6. Steph was going stir crazy, needed some TLC, stiff drinks and steak at the Bellevue Keg to prevent further damage on Sunday evening. I don’t think Harrison cared that it was cold and dark. He missed his “tractor game” and “cartoons on the computer”, but aside from that he was fine.

    As for the house features. We have a tankless water heater, and it’s great the times of the year in which we have electricity. However, I wouldn’t recommend one if you plan on being w/o power for long periods of time.

    We also have a gas fireplace w/ both electric and battery powered ignition. The battery backup was a life saver and I can’t imagine having a gas fireplace w/o it. A gas range, is also a life saver.

    At any rate, I’m putting a Honda generator on my Christmas list.

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