Trulia and Zillow booted from Pru Convention

[photopress:rz.jpg,thumb,alignright]  I usually don’t “lift” things from Inman, but I’m still running into people who haven’t heard this one.

“Prudential Real Estate…barred two of the biggest names in online real estate — Trulia and Zillow — from exhibiting at the company’s annual convention in San Diego this week. Both companies had booked booths at the show and flew executives to Southern California to rub elbows with Prudential brokers, only to be told at the last minute they were not welcome. Trulia co-founder Sami Inkinen said that 20 minutes before the company’s exhibit booth was scheduled to open, Russell Capper — president of Prudential’s e-commerce subsidiary, Prudential Real Estate Services Co. — told the company to “pack up and leave immediately.”

Sellsius had the breaking news and was seeking more info. Paul Chaney shows the Trulia booth “shrouded in black”.  Some think Trulia handled it a little TOO gracefully.  This article doesn’t say much more on the subject, but I loved the tagline “Not Very Prudent, Prudential”. This blog post looks like a total cut and paste of the original Inman Article and/or blog article.

I’m not buying the whole Yahoo reasoning.  Twenty minutes before show time?  Booted out?  Sounds like a shoot from the hip emotional disturbance to me.

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36 thoughts on “Trulia and Zillow booted from Pru Convention

  1. The photo of the Redfin contract and Zillow pen is just a photo of something sitting on my desk here. Some of us don’t freak out when things don’t stay same old, same old.

    I can see that Trulia had their booth up and had to black mask it. But I don’t see any evidence that Zillow had their booth up yet when told to leave. If anyone has any more info on this, I’d be interested in hearing about it.

  2. ARDELL…how you been? I started an insurance career with Prudential Corporate in Newark back in the 80s. Then when I became a Realtor in 2000 I went with their subsidiary here in Chicago. I’ve known and interacted with many of their middle, and more than a few of their senior managers throughout the years in both real estate and financial services. All I will say is…Keystone Cops with MBAs–very reactionary.

  3. Thanks for the mention and glad you liked the tag line. Though we didn’t say much more on the subject, we tried to “peel the onion” so to speak and pose some questions based on our thoughts. The implications of thir actions and how they’re getting away with some of the things they’re doing are rather disturbing.

  4. Well Danilo, I think the mere fact that the DOJ is suing NAR is reason enough to change, regardless of why. But some are still talking about the “merits” of that suit.

    Would like to hear you expound a bit more on “things they’re doing are rather disturbing” instead of pussy footing around the issue 🙂 Who are “They” in that context?

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  6. Danilo! “almost certainly the largest blunder by a real estate company this year.”

    I stand corrected! That definitely was NOT “pussy footing” around the subject! I had your post mixed with someone else’s “foot”. 🙂

    Apologies. I breezed by a “liar, liar pants on fire”…definitely adding YOU to my blogroll right now!

  7. “Pussy footing”? Not sure what you mean by that. We’re both very blunt in general, sometimes to a fault as is eveident in our posts and daily life.

    We clearly explained our thoughts and the questions this whole situation raised about “them” (Prudential corporate and Yahoo as well as consumers and agents) in our post.

  8. As soon as I confirm it with Tom Kelly, I’ll put it in a post. Over 400 stations including the Armed Forces. I’ll be posting the Philly and L.A. time for my kids and Mom 🙂 It’s live here from 11-12 and in L.A. at 2:00.

    I’m a little nervous because people get to call in during the show. I’m having nightmares of EconE or Eleua being one of the callers wanting to talk to me about Banks and Japan. Topic is Real Estate Blogs, so I’m setting up my Blogroll so I can refer to it on air rather than spouting URLs across the airwaves.

  9. In that case, what’s the number to call in?! jk… Smart idea to refer to you blogroll rather than having to memorize them all for the show.

    I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for the show/post. Thanks again and good luck!

  10. Danilo,

    Looks like you can hear it live on the internet. See below. Also gives the toll free call in number.

    “Real Estate Today” The radio show runs from 11 a.m. to noon, Sundays (Pacific time) and originates from KTTH-AM 770, in Seattle.
    Please call, toll-free…during that hour at 1-800-465-8770 or 1-866-606-TALK (8255). The show can be heard live on the Internet at”

  11. Gee. I wonder if it has anything to do with Trulia sending all inquiries directly to the agent website where as some unnamed companies (especially the big one here in KC) want all their leads to go to their own corporate website so that they can get relo dollars?

    I can guarantee you it comes down to money, real or perceived, that Pru thinks it will lose.

    Old time RE doesn’t like innovation. It goes against the entire model they have built up for decade after decade. Information is a great equalizer…. 🙂

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