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[photopress:425cover.jpg,full,alignright] I picked up a copy of this magazine and it seems to be more ads than info, but then so is Vogue and In Style. 

Not exactly new news, as it appears this publication launched back in November.  But my sources tell me that people are streaming into Borders in Redmond looking for it, so here’s the online version via the link.  I got my copy at the 7 Eleven at 6th and Central/85th in Kirkland, if anyone’s looking for it.

Spring 2007 Edition says “2nd printing”.  Anyone know where I can get the first one?

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32 thoughts on “425 Eastside Magazine

  1. Who died and allowed the eastside to claim all of the 425 area code?

    Why not just call the magazine 425 and focus on all 425 area code cities? Perhaps Lynnwood, Everett, Mountlake Terrace and Edmonds aren’t just…..well, aren’t just eastside enough. Ardell, would a Kirkland resident read a story about the reconstruction of the Mountlake Terrace city center, the revitalization of the Everett business district, or a swanky restaurant in downtown Edmonds?

    Hmmm. Maybe another magazine is in the works: 425 Westside. But then a large percentage of “target” demograhic groups are in the 206 area code.

    I will send a letter to the editor. Done. If she responds, I will let you know.

  2. Let’s see how we can calm you down there, Jillayne.

    Everett made the Calendar of Events with Clifford the Big Red Dog Live! at Everett Events Center on May 11th and 12th.

    One of the main stories is “Bothell-Sliding out of Seattle’s Shadow”. And all this time I thought Bellevue was in Seattle’s shadow…

    Here’s a quote that will calm you down. “What is 425?…It’s that Edmonds Boutique that has the best rain slickers…” Unfortunately no reference to the name or address of that place…I could use a rain slicker if they’re kinky with big mod flowers. Go get us a picture of that Edmond’s Boutique with the “best rain slickers” Jillayne, and tell us if it’s worth the drive.

    I love this one: “What is 425? It’s the fresh smell of the sidewalk when the clouds finally part.” LOL I didn’t know the sidewalk smelled fresh. “425 is the fresh smell of the sidewalk? Because there’s more to being an Eastsider than living on the Eastside.” Maybe we should change that old saying to “Hey, Wake and and smell the Sidewalk, Sweetheart”.

    And don’t even get me started on the Tea Party Story

    featuring quart size “Home Chic Home” doily print zip lock doggy bags.

    What dainty tea party lady is waltzing off with a quart sized bag of leftovers?

  3. I don’t get it.

    I always thought I was smelling the rain, not the sidewalk.

    But I live in 425-west. We don’t have sidewalks here. We just walk along side the road in the ditch with open storm sewer water running over our shoes, dog poop floating by.

  4. In 425-west, if people dress their dogs in rain slickers like that, we gently remove the dog from it’s owner and take it to an undisclosed dog rescue center where the dog will receive a month of free doggie therapy.

  5. Below is my response Jillayne’s email. We appreciate your insights and are always looking for ideas and ways to make 425 magazine the magazine for ALL people who live in the 425 area code. So if you have any story ideas or topics you’d like to see highlighted, please send them our way. We know we can’t please everyone, but we’ll do the best we can. Thanks!

    Dear Jillayne,

    425 magazine spans a huge geographical area. It’s named after the area code.

    In fact, our first issue set the tone. The watermark on our cover listed all the areas you’ll find in the magazines, from Renton, to Everett, Yarrow Point, Issaquah and more. Although the majority of our coverage and readership lands smack in the middle of the Eastside, we’re always looking for great stories in all of 425. If you have some story ideas you want featured, please send them my way. I love hearing from readers. Have a wonderful day.

    Lisa Patterson

  6. The name of the magazine is “425,” not “425 Eastside” — not sure where that came from. It’s an excellent publication, but I can’t defend it any better than the editor did above me. You go, girl!

  7. I have the magazine VOL 1 No. 2 SPRING 2007 in front of me. On the spine it says “425 MAGAZINE.COM” “INSIDE,OUTSIDE,EASTSIDE”

    The cover says 425 with INSIDE, OUTSIDE, EASTSIDE right under the 425.

    I honestly don’t know what No.1 said. Would love to have a copy of the first edition. Maybe that one said something different.

  8. I’m looking at the spring issue of 425 and it’s pretty clear to me (and should be to anyone looking at it) that it’s not just an Eastside magazine. The teaser to the Sammamish B&B on the cover is proof enough. There’s a mention of a place to drink tea at the Alderwood Mall and Edmonds; places to hike in Issaquah, North Bend; a whole story about Bothell; a list of Relay for Life events around the 425 area, and so much more. Maybe the Eastside gets prominent play because that’s what people think of when you think 425, but what’s wrong with that. You ask why does 425 need their own magazine…I ask why not? Seattle has two magazines (or more)…why shouldn’t 425 have one.

  9. “Below is my response Jillayne’s email.”

    It’s cringe-worthy when a magazine’s Editor in Chief omits a preposition in the very first sentence of their post. Then again, if you read 425, you’re probably don’t mind or don’t notice that kind of thing.

    This is THE magazine for “Issaquah Barbie.”

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