Join us for a Rain City conversation on Tuesday afternoon!

I’ve been having such a blast with the 4realz Roundtable conversations, that I’m going to bring the conversation to Rain City Guide!

a Rain City conversationThe idea: this Tuesday at 4pm, I’m going to host a conversation with the Rain City Guide community. There are many ways to join the conversation and all of them are easy. All the information you need is located at this website:, but here is a summary:

  1. You can call in to the # provided (724-444-7444), Call ID: 17904, to listen to the conversation.
  2. You can join the chat by going to the website that TalkShoe provides for a Rain City conversation any time during the scheduled call (4pm to 5pm on Tuesday)
  3. Getting fancier: You can sign up for a (free) account with TalkShoe and then join the chat (step #2). This will allow me (as the “host” of the show, I’ll be able to know who you are and identify your chats!
  4. Fanciest: You can sign up for an account (step #3), join the chat (step #2) and call in (step #1).

If you opt for step #4, then I can have you join in the conversation during our podcast!

The way that I’ve been managing the conversations during the 4realz Roundtable is that I invite a few “guests” who are unmuted during the entire show. And then, just to make sure things don’t get too overwhelming, I closely monitor the live “chat” during the show and if someone has a question or wants to make a point, then I “unmute” them. For people simply listening to the show, it sounds like a live radio interview show, but to the people taking waiting to “come on air” they can actively chat with all the others waiting to come on air.

So, for the first episode of a Rain City conversation, I’ve invited EVERY Rain City Guide contributor to be live on the call… The first order of business will be to go around the “virtual” roundtable and let each contributor talk for two minutes about what brought them to Rain City Guide.

Then quickly, I want to open up the mic to your comments, questions, tips, etc.

  • Are you moving to the Seattle area and want to ask about great neighborhoods?
  • Do you have a specific question for a contributor?
  • Want to share your experience with the Seattle real estate market?

My hope is that this first episode will be a lively and educational conversation, but it will only work if you join us! So, please consider taking an hour out of your Tuesday afternoon to take part in a Rain City conversation! I can’t wait to hear from you!

18 thoughts on “Join us for a Rain City conversation on Tuesday afternoon!

  1. Biliruben, tj, Denismurf, Alan…any regular readers tuning in and calling in would be MUCH appreciated. You can use your anonymous “handles” of course, and should, or we won’t know who we’re taling with.

    I’m really hoping some of our regular and more vocal readers will help give us some perspective of how you use RCG and how we can make it more useful to that purpose.

    People like Roger can ask some of those questions about interacting with the authors via comments that they have had. Easier to explain verbally than in print kind of “stuff”.

  2. I’m assuming this is Pacific Time Zone. Currently, I am out of state and in the midwest. I’ll try to join but it will all depend on my obligations here that day.

  3. I will be there.
    Just finished watching The Matrix with my kids. Next up is the movie Philadelphia in honor of the new California law. My daughter: “Tom Hanks looks so young! Antonio Banderas looks so hot!”

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  5. Dustin, that was fun. What’s interesting to me is that most folks probably don’t know that many of the contributors have never met! 🙂 This was a format that we were all (those of us who could make it) chat.

  6. I’ve met all except Jim and Jon. Hearing Jillayne’s voice reminded me that I haven’t seen her since Christmas! We definitely need a girls’ night out. I think Robbies coming over on Saturday…I’ll pass Apella’s kind words on when I see him. Craig was MUCH taller than I expected him to be (as was Grier). Gordon looks exactly like you expect him to be. Of course I’ll see Dustin, Galen and Rhonda at Inman. Anyone else going?

  7. Sorry I missed it, tried to tune in, then I got caught up in the middle of a refi drama, of the “how could your rates be 3/4 higher than when you quoted them a month ago?” variety!


    Do it again sometime, maybe after business hours?

  8. Ardell,

    Thank you and your welcome, but the pleasure was all mine. I also owe you an apology. I got to thinking about the talk about the list and how I access the Rain City Guide and I forgot that you once posted on the list. Please allow me to blame it on nerves and to say thank you here as I failed to acknowledge your previous post during the show. Will have to work on “being in the public eye” 😉

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