Goodbye and Good Luck, Sonics!!!

I already feel the void…

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12 thoughts on “Goodbye and Good Luck, Sonics!!!

  1. Not gonna miss ’em that much. Felt like they’ve been gone already, ever since Shultz sold them. Never believed there was a chance they would stay.

    It’s not like there is any real shortage of basketball players, or large places to play, in an almost endless succession of cities.

    The NBA limits the number of teams to inflate their value to the current owners, thus allowing them to rob people legally through taxation. (Sorry, so does the NFL and Major League Baseball…all of the remaining sports leagues only WISH they could).

    You could argue that big businesses like Boeing hold cities and states hostage too, but for crying out loud, at least they pay a living wage to tens of thousands of people, instead of a few hundred.

    Think of it like ending a bad relationship. It was fun, but I am over that now.

  2. When I heard they were actually moving the team out TOMORROW, I was flabbergasted! In Philly we would have at least had a parade to say goodbye before they left.

    Everything you are saying, Roger, has nothing to do with being a fan. I can’t imagine a city without a basketball team after I’ve had The 76ers, The Magic, The Lakers, The Sonics.

    I will miss them for a very long time. I’ll just have to re-watch “He Got Game” 🙂

  3. I really don’t see the legislature passing any relief next year. I haven’t looked at the specific proposal (if there is one), but in the past they’ve talked about extending other taxes. If that’s the case, the fact that NBA’s facilities only have a 10 year life-span per Mr. Stern, the new building would be obsolete before the extended taxes even started being paid in. Not something Olympia is likely to approve.

    Also, didn’t Seattle’s initiative to limit spending money on the Sonics pass? The legislature could override that (by what required vote percentage isn’t clear to me), but I just don’t see the legislature stepping in to spend money that the citizens of Seattle already said no to.

    Finally, the slowing number of real estate sales is really hurting government budgets, because that means excise tax collections are down. Even though the spending for a stadium would be down the road probably 2-5 years, I just don’t see the legislature being that loose with the pocketbook next year.

    So that means Clay Bennett and company will probably not have to pay the additional $30 Million.

  4. Ardell, the Howard Schultz suit is still out there, so Bennett’s people are probably concerned about a restraining order. I think Schultz has already said trying for a restraining order is not in the cards–especially since the $45,000,000 is dependent on the Sonics not playing in Seattle. I don’t think Schultz wants to be responsible for that loss of money by the City–unless it’s part of a final judgment where he wins.

  5. I agree, Kary. That’s why I thought a Goodbye was appropriate and not simply a Farewell. Still you’d think they’d give the fans a chance to say goodbye with a Parade. It’s not the players’ fault.

  6. One of my Twitter friends said “anyone else find it weird that as soon as they announced the sonics theft to OKC, it started thundering and lightning and dumping rain out?”

    A Supersonic thunderstorm!

  7. Ardell:

    Sorry, I should be more sensitive to the fans. It hurts, I am sure.

    This was about business. That has been the story for 2 years.

    I am reminded of the classic quote from North Dallas Forty:

    “Why is it that every time I call it a game, you call it a business, and when I call it a business, you call it a game?”

    I hope I got that quote right…IMDB did not have the quote.

    It is an unhealthy mix. Throw in fleecing the public for the benefit of the richest, and it is truly distasteful.

    If professional sports were organized as publicly (locally) owned corporations, like the Green Bay Packers, I could at least chalk it up to the “Will of the People”, and go along with it. No one will move the Packers.

    The will of the people of Washington State CLEARLY said, “No More”! If ALL 50 states would say the same, sanity might prevail.

    The accusation (not yours) that the politicians screwed this up does not make sense to me. Their job is to represent the voters, all of them, not just the fans. If the voters are not calculating businessmen, so what?

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