Broken Window Seals

If anyone has had broken window seals fixed and knows someone in the Redmond/Bellevue/Kirkland area who can fix them, can you please post the info in the comments section of this post, or email me direct?


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10 thoughts on “Broken Window Seals

  1. From what little I can assess from your description broken (blowned seals) glass seals usually require the glass be replaced. As a board (bored) member of our condominium we’ve replaced numerous tired,panes over the years. My suggestion would be to contact several reputable glass vendors.

  2. I’ve had a contractor buddy of mine, Patrick Howe of Artisan Structural Innovation (licensed and bonded) 206-499-4303, replace them for clients before as part of overall larger jobs. It’s just a matter of having the measurements and getting the replacement ordered and installed. However, keep in mind that depending on the age of the home it is possible for settling to occur and a little modification of the opening may be necessary.

  3. Thanks Reba! My “contractor buddy” said he could do a regular window, but not the transom over the sliding glass door becuase it was a one piece unit. So he did the rest of the work.

    I called both glass places that Debra mentioned and I am having one do the transom and the other do a broken window seal on a property that is not yet in escrow, for comparison purposes as to service and cost.

    Neither of these two are windows that open and close.

    Thanks to everyone for your responses!

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