In Honor of Sept. 11th.

God Bless America and all those who serve including those who have sacrificed their lives.

This flag has flown at my house since 9-11.  For me, walking past the flag into my house has been a daily reminder of how lucky I am to live in America and how much sacrifice was laid before me, by prior family members of earlier generations, to enjoy the freedoms I have that we should never take for granted.

6 thoughts on “In Honor of Sept. 11th.

  1. Yep, I was up early getting ready for work and happened to check my e-mail only to see a photo of Tower 1 online. Did a double take and turned on the tube and then woke up Lynlee. Rough day. Seems like yesterday, still.

  2. I remember being up early and emailing on my AOL account (which I no longer have)…just my 9 year old son and I living together on North Lake back then (by Weyerhauser)…when I first saw the photos come across on AOL, I thought it was a tacky horrible movie promo. It took minutes for it to sink in that it could be real. When I ran to our living room to turn on the news, it was too late, my 9 year old was all ready watching the 2nd tower going down live. I fell back into my couch where he was sitting and just hugged him. I kept him home from school that day–it seemed as if everything we thought we knew had changed.

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