Reminder Rain City Guide MeetUp Tonight

Where: Crossroads Food Court (behind 1/2 Price Books)

When: 6:30 P.M.

Crossroads is at 156th Ave. NE and NE 8th Street in Bellevue

We likely will be at the street entrance end of the Food Court, where there are all tables and no food booths.  We will have RCG signs on the tables in the area.

I put (behind 1/2 Price Books) as it is easier to see that from the parking lot, then to describe the exterior entrance to the Food Court area to the left of 1/2 Price Books.

If you are in the Food Court and looking for us, just call my cell 206-910-1000.

If anyone has been to a MeetUp and has any advice for us, that would be great.  I know Redfin and Seattle Bubble have had them and they just hang out together and people find them.  I expect we will talk about just about anything loan, real estate and anything else related.  Blogging.  Whatever.  I expect if anyone NOT RCG has a topic, their topic gets preference.  If no one suggests a topic, I’m sure even if it is just Rhonda, Jillayne, Robbie, Craig and me plus a few agents, we’l have plenty to talk about 🙂

Hope you can make it!

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ARDELL is a Managing Broker with Better Properties METRO King County. ARDELL was named one of the Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers in the U.S. by Inman News and has 33+ years experience in Real Estate up and down both Coasts, representing both buyers and sellers of homes in Seattle and on The Eastside. email: cell: 206-910-1000

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  3. Hi Vik,

    Thank you for the video comment! Sorry you couldn’t make it. Are you going to either of the events at Zillow next week?

    We had a great time catching up with one another. There was a lovely young mother who came to thank us for all of the info we provide her about home buying and selling. She came originally from the popcorn ceiling post, and then realized it was a local RE blog. Her stories about her house hunting were fun.

    The Tim from Seattle Bubble and his wife were kind enough to join us. It’s always great seeing Tim. I didn’t get a lot of time to chat with him at the end of the table on “the Robbie side” 🙂

    I had a nice chat with an agent from Findwell who worked for Redfin before Findwell, and we shared some perspectives on the RE industry generally.

    Always great to see Rhonda and Jillayne, and Rhonda’s sister in Wholesale Lending was with us…and of course CRAIG! Always fun chats with Craig. He’s my “entertainment” LOL.

    I’m sure we’ll see many at the Zillow events next week, including Marlow and many other local bloggers and industry people Hope to see you there.

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