President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

Hope - ObamaI am stunned to wake up to the news that President Barack Obama has won The Nobel Peace Prize, while I slept.  The range of emotions and thoughts running through my mind are hard to pin down to a reaction to this.

It makes me want to be a better person…it makes me want to be “greeener” and more frugal and a postive influence on any life I may touch. It fills me with a huge responsibility to “have his back” and do anything I can to support him and do my part to make the World a better place.

It doesnt fill me with “Hope”…the main reason he won…it makes me want to be part OF that Hope.

Congratulations, Mr. President. You do certainly do us proud…

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6 thoughts on “President Obama Wins Nobel Peace Prize

  1. That WAS a shocker.

    Wow….I dunno, but it’s a bit weird to give him the prize for just existing, isn’t it?

    What has he done to deserve it? I don’t see anything being much more peaceful than it was in January 09.

    I thought he handled that question pretty well, stating in effect that he doesn’t deserve it yet.

    I think it says a lot about America’s character that we could shrug off the history of racism, and embrace his cool rationalism. Maybe the prize is for the American voters, as a thank you from the European worldview…

    He is doing a good job so far, in very difficult circumstances, however, there is only so much that can be done, without making things worse somewhere else. He’ll be a judged a good president if he just doesn’t screw things up too badly.

    And THAT is waaay harder than it looks!~

  2. I think the hope was that others would have the reaction I did…”Hey, we better help this guy EARN this thing!” Not that I can do much for “peace”…but yes, I think the World wants Americans to get behind him and support his initiatives. The Nobel Prize was their way of sending a message to those who can make or break The President’s highest hopes for the Country and the World.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with you Ardell. To move a country like the United States — in the eyes of all countries around the world — from being perceived as one of the most belligerent Americas ever to one that decides it wants to work with the rest of the world — that is the real definition of a path towards peace. We need to give each other hope – we need to give ourselves hope. It’s something to strive for. So let’s be glad for President Obama and the United States as a whole that the international community has hope in us.

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