So many great things to do in Seattle!

[Editor’s note: I’m super excited to announce Sarah Payson as RCG’s newest contributor. She runs The Payson Group with her husband John Payson, who together are the first “M Agents” in Seattle. I recently had the chance to spend a day with them and was blown away by how two people could be both super-motivated and super-wonderful!   One of the things that they will undoubtably bring to RCG is an active involvement in the local community… and an excellent example of that is their active Facebook Page: 365 Things To Do In Seattle that’s grown to over 7,700 fans in about a month.  Seeing the success they’re having with this page, I asked Sarah if she’d start her RCG contributions with a post about that project.   -Dustin]

365 things to doAre you new to Seattle WA?  Have you been here a while but are tired of the same old routine?

We want to get you connected with your neighborhoods around Seattle and the Eastside, that’s why we started “365 Things to do in Seattle WA

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  1. Welcome Sarah…Just a quick question. Does M Realty bring anything NEW to the table for Buyers or Sellers?

    Apparently you are SUPER motivated and SUPER wonderful but quite frankly we all are! Heck, we have even won Humanitarian Awards from Churches for giving tremendous amounts of money (The Most in The Nation) back to Buyers and Sellers in a time they need it the most.

    Anything your doing that will impress me as much as you impressed Dustin?

  2. Hi Ray! I remember seeing you on the news recently because of the controversy your truck raised…I guess we all have our own methods of building our business. As for our business, why we’re doing this is to build community and bringing people together in this wonderful area we live in. We are full service real estate team who also do a lot for people. We are active in raising money for foster kids and being involved with our church. Whether or not you’re “impressed” will be up to you. Thank you for your comment!

    • Ah Yes, the Bush Mobile…You have seen nothing yet. Wait till The Obama mobile hits the road. You see Sarah we give these vehicles to Buyers and Sellers for FREE to assist in their moves. We put some silly advertising on them and they have proven to be very successful.

      I agree we live in a wonderful area and I assure you that nobody is more ACTIVE in the community then my wife and I who are both nurses, my coaching of girls soccer teams and boys basketball teams, and daily YMCA donations of time and service. Don’t get me started on church and fundraising along with all the Girl Scouts and Brownie activities.

      So, I’m not sure about your model of real estate though. Dustin, speaks very highly of you and I’m just hoping you are NOT another Brick and Mortar 6% conventional model of real estate. I would hope you are bringing something new.

      There are some innovators here such as Craig and highly respected Agents such as Ardell. Nobody is more Active in social media then Rhonda/Ardell and I even attended their Group trainings and loved them.

      Is their anything you bring to the table in the form of your model of real estate for the consumer that we do not bring? Something new? I truly hope so.

      I’m not trying to be disrespectful. Just ahead of the curve.

      • Ray,

        I have nothing against new biz models in real estate… and honestly appreciate folks who are pushing boundaries… but not nearly as convinced as you that commission reductions are the “next big” thing. It seems that many of the players in that space have been slowly back-pedaling on that model and making sure to provide more consumer hand-holding in order to grow their business.

  3. Sarah/John,

    I haven’t spent a lot of time with you guys, but I’ve been around enough to know that you’re a couple of the most driven, enthusiastic and dependable people I’ve met in Real Estate. We couldn’t ask for better agents to head up the M Realty Seattle team and to kick off what is sure to be a great experience for everyone involved!


  4. Ray, Ray, Ray, you know they are all against you.

    I’ve experienced it myself. Two weeks ago we were roller skating at the Roll A Way in Lynnwood, is that on the list? I had my 500 Realty T- shirt on under my shirt. I was doing great with the skates until I took my shirt off. Suddenly, for no reason, out of the blue, some guy calls me a dork head. I know it couldn’t be me so it must have been the T-shirt. It’s the only explanation.

    • Absolutely but don’t plan on being where we were for many many many years…experts say we’ll have about a 2-3% increase year over year but that’s starting in about 2011. We’ll provide updates as we watch the unemployment rate and local economy.

  5. You know, I’m perplexed at how this turned from a fun Things to do in Seattle to brokerages. Anyhow, we’re about community and this fun venture of 365 in Seattle! Hope you enjoy.

  6. New Contributor Sarah- M Realty seems to be located on the Wallingford Slope where I delivered papers as a kid. Wallingford and Fremont where my NY born wife lived when we met in Lincoln High School are two good places to start your community coverage. And- as a long-time residential architect, I’d like to hear how you feel about good/bad home design. JG

  7. Hey Sarah,

    Welcome to RCG. Looks like everyone is inviting you to post on other topics of their interest. LOL! If you get a chance, post a picture of how you wrap the front door like a gift. That image still sticks in my head since we first met.

    My best wishes to both you and John on your new beginnings, and again, welcome to RCG.

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