What Every Woman Wants – Undermount Sinks

It seems to be fairly unanimous that women LOVE undermount sinks.

No more grody gook between the countertop and the lip of the sink.

sink gross

Easy to wipe the crumbs from the counter into the sink for easy cleanup.


Equally as popular for bathroom sinks.

undermount sinks bath

It’s such an obvious choice, you have to wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with the idea.

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17 thoughts on “What Every Woman Wants – Undermount Sinks

  1. Actually DuPont’s Corian likely had this idea first with their sinks molded to the countertop. But it wasn’t as scratch and heat resistant as granite, so this new undermount idea with granite seems to be the choice of the day. I’m seeing a lot of those black counters recently as in the middle photo above. Not 100% sure what material that is though. I’m a little concerned with a solid black that the color might fade in spots over time. Time will tell…

  2. I’m not a fan of black countertops-
    nor have been many of my custom
    home design clients. This may be
    because my !st 2 cars were black
    company cars I could buy from GF
    General Foods, a big company my
    dad worked for. How’s business? J-

    • Black doesn’t work well in most homes. It does better in small spaces where you don’t have to “carry the color” into other areas. But it can be striking in some contemporary themes mixed with bright orange or red accessories. I had a white marble foyer with an art deco black and white insert in the foyer of one of my homes, but I only carried that into the living room to the right of it, and no where else.

      Once you get past 600 to 850 sf of space…black doesn’t “carry” well.

      Reminds me of an awesome view home that has been on market for a year or more and has not yet sold, even though it is technically “priced right”. All of the master bathroom fixtures: toilet, sinks, tub, etc are BLACK. Apparently people are not particularly fond of black toilets. šŸ™‚

      As to “how’s business”…it’s a normal December. More buyer clients than there are good homes; priced well for them to purchase. Got lucky with one just before I left for vacation because the owner’s were relocated out of the area. But even I am holding my newest listing until after Jan 1. I’ll be working on it throughout the month of December as to getting it ready for market. But don’t plan to “bring it on market” until after New Year’s. Not sure why we do that. It’s a bit “old school” now that mls numbers are not resequenced at the beginning of each year.

      Weighing the options of December being a dud of a month against being 30 days stale before the new year, still weighs on the side of caution and skipping over December, in most cases.

      Running some stats…as I always do after the Thanksgiving Holiday and before the beginning of each year. Gives me a benchmark of where we are starting from. Should have some facts and commentary coming out soon. I do them more for myself and my clients…but will be posting them throughout the month of December.

      Hope all is well with you and yours, Jerry.

      • Ardell- Compared with last year when
        Patty had a broken foot & the previous
        year when I had some health problems,
        we’re in pretty good shape. And as to
        the architect business, people realize
        it makes no sense to build new when
        so many foreclosures are available. J-

    • I saw an interesting layout the other day where the sink was in the counter top portion that faced the family room, with no wall above. I guess someone likes to watch the big TV in the family room while at the kitchen sink. šŸ™‚ Not sure that I liked it…but it clearly was different. The water pipes usually run on the exterior wall with the sink at the kitchen window.

      I’ve seen some pretty odd things recently with no rhyme or reason other than to be “different”, like roof lines on both sides tilted toward the chimney vs sloping down toward the ends of the house. Who would want all the rain water flowing into the chimney?

      Didn’t look too practical to me. Maybe works better in AZ or some desert area…but PNW? Looked like trouble to me.

  3. Thanks for revealing that, Scott! When I am selling a house, I recommend the owner brush his teeth in the shower. No toothpaste spit on the faucet and mirror during showings. šŸ™‚

  4. This is true! Most of the women attending open house events that I was able to assist prefer sinks like this, mainly because they want kitchen and bathroom that are easier to clean and manage. Essentially, one of the first things that women consider when they look for house is how easy it is to maintain clean every time, especially the kitchen and the bathroom where it is always wet. disorganized and messy.

  5. Iā€™m not a woman, but I too prefer undermount sinks to the regular kind. And whatever happened to counter mounted bowl sinks? They seemed to be all the rage for a while and you only see them in restaurants now.

    • Mounted bowl sinks have worked better, and I still see those bowl types, in powder rooms…that 1/2 bath for guests. Not in places where you brush your teeth and comb your hair. Cleaning under that bowl where the bowl meets the counter is just as problematic as the older types. So they look great in guest baths that aren’t used every day or for things other than washing your hands.

      Some are very artistic, and they still work well in “showy” environments like top notch hotels and main floor guest powder rooms.

  6. I think women are more particular with these kind of things. They do the cleaning and stuff. I too prefer granite counter tops and under mount sinks. And that’s what we commonly see in modern houses.

    • Thanks for popping in, Janice, and Merry Christmas! I enjoyed the pics of your Jersey homes. Surprised to see a “dropped ceiling” in the basement of that 2008 built $899,000 home in Marborough. We don’t see those in newer homes here.

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