2012 Median Home Prices UP…and DOWN

Single Family Median Home Prices are UP 6% YOY for the First Half of 2012 in Seattle.

First Half 2011 @ $399,000 – First Half 2012 @ $423,000

Bellevue School District is the Big Winner at UP 20% with a Median Home Price of $689,000.

Issaquah School District DOWN 4%, Northshore School District DOWN 2%

Lake Washington School District UP 4%

Median Home Prices for First Half of 2012:

Bellevue School District: $689,000

Issaquah School District: $521,000

Lake Washington School District: $498,000

Northshore School District: $376,000

Seattle School District: $423,000

Northshore School District has become a pretty good buy lately, given many of the schools have shot UP in the rankings and the median Home Price is by the far the lowest in the mix.


Required Disclosure: Stats are not Compiled, Published, Verified or Posted by The Northwest Multiple Listing Service.


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14 thoughts on “2012 Median Home Prices UP…and DOWN

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  2. Ardell,

    While the rise of $24,000 does seem like a positive sign I am rather worried that the incomes have not risen that quickly and this will only be able to keep pace for as long as a bubble can re-inflate with the recent past still kept in mind.

    On another note I feel like the site has take a big step back in design and hope Dustin can get it all back up and together shortly!

  3. I hope you aren’t confusing appreciation with “a bubble” full of hot air. :)No one wants a bubble to re-inflate. It feels more like an extended Spring Bump at the moment. We won’t know until we get to the 4th Quarter.

  4. I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed in watching the median. When I ran the numbers there were, in my opinion, a lot better deals in the above $600K range. So I think the mix of higher priced homes is what has raised the median, rather than the shadow inventory theories.

    What I really appreciate is how you broke this down into schools.

  5. Thanks David. There are some areas where schools are not a major component of home value. There are pockets, especially in Seattle, where the majority of home buyers use a private vs public school system. You probably know these areas better than I do on the Seattle side. I am seeing that to a small degree on the Eastside as well, as a work-around to some preferred areas that don’t enjoy the best of schools, elementary school in particular.

    Usually the School System is incorporated into the price via the lot value…but not always. This is where Zestimates and even appraisers often run afoul, as appraisers pay no attention to individual school boundary lines. This works in the seller’s favor if the house is in the lower school system near the edge of a better school system, and in the buyer’s favor when the situation is reversed.

  6. In Wedgewood, in Seattle, there is a sweet spot of schools, of Bryant, or Assumption, Eckstein Middle School, and Roosevelt High School. Of course then you go on to the University of Washington.

    I don’t want to run the numbers again but the number of transaction that had all three schools was really high as opposed to a combination of any two, or to Nathan Hale High School.

    For me the schools are everything you can give your child, so the cost is acceptable.

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    I’m learning a lot about “spam warfare”. List of demands? haha…it’s like a terrorist activity. I don’t know what the demands are…but I can guess. He probably wants Dustin to delete one or more of Jillayne’s posts. As I recall there were hundreds of comments from people who worked for this guy who were slamming him on that post.

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