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It amazes me sometimes, which of my posts garner the highest readership. Dustin tracks the “per post” stats for Rain City Guide and shows us which garner the most eyeballs…from time to time.

I was looking at the numbers over on my blog, which likely gets a fraction of the activity as my writings here. But once in awhile I get surprised by a single post getting over 20,000 views…for just one post. Usually they are posts that spark an interest nationally vs primarily local here in “The Seattle Area”.

Here are the blog posts with the most views, not necessarily in the order of highest to lowest:

Sex and Real Estate – AKA What’s Cooking in the Master Bedroom?

How is a Real Estate Transaction like a Pregnant Woman?

Negotiating Real Estate Commissions

Should I Buy a House Now? (Amazing how this post from Summer of 2008 is still equally as relevant today.

For Buyers Who are Relocating to Seattle – The Yes, No, Maybe tour method

Split Entry Homes and the different names they are called around the Country.

Ardell’s Anatomy of a Real Estate Transaction which is the older and longer version of This Year’s “From Contract to Close of Escrow”, written here on Rain City Guide.

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do?

Is your townhome a condo or a single family home?

Do I need to Sell My House before I Buy a New One?

Home Sales Way Down October 2007

Who do you make your Earnest Money check payable to?

The Appraisal in the Home Purchase and Sale Process

Sample Closing Statement – HUD 1 I posted the link to the source I now use vs my original post, given there have been changes over time. I used this the other day for a client who is closing in January. You can plug in the estimated numbers and save it and email it. It’s a very good idea for buyers and sellers to see these numbers on the form they will be signing at closing, as early in the process as possible.

Kirkland Real Estate Stats as of Today (that “today” was a long time ago. I’m doing the 2011 stats now. Will be interesting to do them on the same basis for comparison purposes, with the same type of charts.

Pottery Barn Paint Colors and other tips on your Seattle Home

Homes “Sold” by Ardell DellaLoggia – a running and updated catalogue of homes where I represented the Buyer or the Seller, noting which I represented for each home.

9 thoughts on “Ardell’s Seattle Area Real Estate Blog – Most Visited Posts

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  2. Not surprising a blogpost with the word ‘sex’ in the title automatically jumps to the top ten most viewed list – the internet never fails to surprise in that regard! That being said, the article itself was fascinating. I never thought about builders putting a buffer zone between the children’s bedrooms and the master bedroom in an effort to mask out the sex noises.

    • In general, closets have always been placed as “buffers”, even between two children’s bedrooms they should be on the “party” wall. Now that you have seen this, you will likely notice it more often. 🙂

  3. Readers like me get curious what is inside the article, why sex and real estate? The title is very catchy even those who are not into real estate might read this post. Anyway most buyers are shy to talk about it and does not have any idea about this issue they will only realize it when they are already doing it inside the new house.

  4. I agree, Louise. That is why it is important to blog about these things and for the agent to address any items that are “off” about a house that a buyer may not notice until after they buy it and are living in it. Could be as simple as difficulty in getting the trash cans from where they are to where they need to be on trash day, or getting the lawnmower from the front lawn to the yard.

    There are MANY things buyer’s don’t notice, that agents do…or should.

  5. Your blog posts are very useful. Do I Need to Sell My House Before I Buy A New One? gave me an idea about finding a real estate agent to work with. Remember your tip about “Using the same real estate professional to sell your home and to buy your new home, particularly if you are staying in the same area, is a great advantage.” I followed your advice and am so happy I did!

    I owe you a sincere thank you, Ardell! Cheers!

  6. Thank you for sharing these popular posts. From the titles alone, they look very interesting to me. I can’t wait to read each of these. Keep up the good work Ardell.

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