Yours truly will have a painting at Bumbershoot

I’m very honored to have been included in this years Seattle Bumbershoot.  I recently started painting earlier this year for a hobby. I had (have) no expectations where my paintings may take me – it’s all just for fun.

What is especially fun is to be asked to participate in this year’s Bumbershoot festival at the Seattle Center by Marlow Harris.  Marlow, along with her husband, Jo David, are curating an exhibit to tribute the 50th anniversary of Elvis at the World Fair in Seattle…. Elvistravagaza.

When I dropped off my painting at Marlow’s home, I was blown away by the vast array of the artwork.  Other (I say other as if I’m one of them) artist were drooling….knowing of the other artist…which, I will admit here, I was clueless.. probably after seeing my painting, you might say I’m clueless too!

IF you want to see the artist work for FREE, you can do so on Friday, August 31, 2012…..after that, you’ll need to pay the price of the ticket to Bumbershoot ($45 – $50 a day).

UPDATE 9/3/2012 9:00 AM:  Today is your last chance to see Elvistravaganza, which includes my painting, at Bumbershoot.  The painting is being auctioned with proceeds benefiting Cafe Racer Love and as of yesterday, when I was at Bumbershoot, the bidding was up to $400!  If you’re interested in placing a bid, please contact Marlow Harris ASAP.


  1. Mike Mueller says

    So very excited for you!
    Just don’t cut your ear off – I’ve seen others try that and it never ends well.


  2. says

    Awesome Rhonda! Can you explain about Friday? My daughter and her family are coming to visit on Thursday night and we are planning to avoid Bumbershoot, but may be doing Pike Place Market on Friday. Depends on the weather. If it’s too nice, we’ll be at the pool. :)

    What’s happening on Friday?

  3. Rhonda Porter says

    On Friday, the mayor is celebrating artist and giving some awards…. so it’s a free day for the art to be seen by the public. From what I understand, the music portion of Bumbershoot will not be taking place.

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